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Petition to have the TV show "Siesta Key" removed

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What MTV wants to paint a picture of with this series is dramatic relationships, beautiful rich people, mixed with slow motion shots of somewhere gorgeous that most of America doesn't live in. We get that, and we've seen it happen before with the series of Laguna Beach. This has been a phenomenon throughout all of America over the years that has usually done really well.

Unfortunately, with this particular series comes with some horrifying photo/video evidence of what most of the public agrees to be animal abuse/torture coming from the main character of this show, Alex Kompothecras. Recently, a video came out of a man named Michael Wenzel and others dragging a shark at high speed behind his boat. While that video gathered high media attention, there is no evidence of Alex Kompothecras on this boat. We think Michael Wenzel and friend's actions are atrocious and there are other petitions for his arrest to sign. But, the fact of the matter is there is no evidence of Alex Kompothecras being on that boat, which is why we are here not to talk about that incident and to talk about the incidents that Alex is tied to himself given photographic and written proof.

Most recently photos have surfaced of Alex Kompothecras shooting a hammerhead shark while still on the fishing line, and then posing with its dead and bloodied body inside of a boat. Last time I checked, this is not the proper OR legal way of fishing, not even to mention you aren't supposed to hunt or kill hammerhead sharks. Most of his photos were tagged with "#teammurdermurder" so its absolutely apparent what his intentions were. Along with that, it was found that he had racist remarks on his instagram which includes two men (one including himself) pouring champagne on a woman and saying "once you go black, you're never welcome back." This is not the image we, in 2017, are wanting to portray to the people tuning into this show. MTV is allowing a racist, sexist, and someone who is not taking the preservation of wildlife seriously to be glorified. This is taking a huge step back from progress that has been made over the years and is essentially allowing other people who are watching this to think that this type of activity and actions are acceptable. 

Inhumane treatment of animals/racist/sexist behavior should never be the background of a person on TV. We demand that MTV make a public statement on all of this, and to take it off the air completely. 


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