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Scream The TV Series premiered in 2015 with it's quite frankly watered-down first season, the first season wasn't without it's quite classical tone and likeable characters, the show's title tells the plot summary overrall as it is based on the quite horror-tastic "Scream Film Series" but unlike the 4-film series  the show fell flat on it's face when the story-lines become repetitive and the characters became rather unlikable cliches as the show stepped onto it's final moments of the second season which brought around 12 episodes including Halloween special in October of 2016.

It became no shock to some that the show rebooted back in March of 2017 due to low ratings since then the show's social medias have became unactive and offline since the announcement allowing some small news articles to announce cast lists  and the return of the film killer himself to released within the time but all of that has come and gone, now fans want a well-deserved trailer for the exciting new season. With a long-awaited third season scheduled for this year, fans are still waiting for an official trailer announcing the Premiere date.

So I am making this petition to give fans a trailer and hype ready for Season 3. Sign this petition to join in on the community.

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