Cancel MTV's Made in Staten Island or remove the borough's name from the title

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The portrayal of Staten Island as a cesspool of gangsters, meatheads and low lives appears to be main and focus of MTV show development in recent years.

The launch of this new show "Made in Staten Island" is just another iteration of the aforementioned. It is built on the premise that kids from Staten Island all grow up surrounded by the mafia in their lives; this is far from the truth.  If anything these kids are growing up in the opioid epidemic that is taking the lives of their friends and family, they are suffering the breakdown of traditional family values. These are the real epidemics surrounding our youth; ones that do not descriminate and impacts all equally.

Perhaps  MTV should focus on these epidemics and their impact on our youth rather than how "lucky" Karina is to have the guidance of her grandfather, notorious mob murder turned informant, "Sammy The Bull" Gravano. A show like this demeans what it is to be from Staten Island; something that should never be encouraged especially when it is untrue.  Staten Island has the one of the highest per capita incomes out of the five boroughs and we also have several higher education institutions with very good graduation rates and excellent Public Schools serviced by caring teachers. 

For MTV though promoting and glorifying individuals of poor moral character seems to sell more than addressing real issues that kids are dealing with. This is evident by the other series that are active or have been on the network such as the Jersey Shore, 16 and Pregnant and the likes thereof. 

I am asking that you stand with me and sign this petition to cancel or change the title of this show and protect the reputation of our home. 



Thank you,

Joseph Maniscalco