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Make SOGIE Training Mandatory

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The MTRCB has the power to shape our culture and society's attitude towards LGBTIQs by promoting feminist values of inclusivity through thoughtful policy-making and committed policy-enforcement.

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Because telling a person to change his/her sexual identity and not society to change its attitude towards LGBTIQs is not okay.

  • Telling an out and proud gay man like Diamond (or any LGBTIQs) to censor his gender expression by changing the way he looks is oppression. There's nothing shameful about expressing someone's sexuality through the clothes he/she wants to wear.

(Jose Manalo:
Magagawa mo ba na hindi ka na mag-ga-ganyan ng hitsura?)

  • Telling an out and proud gay man like Diamond (or any LGBTIQs) to go back to the closet is oppressive and misogynous. And, in my personal opinion, just plain cruel. Instead of telling them to hide, we should educate and encourage society to be inclusive and accepting of non-heteronormative gender expressions.

(Sen. Tito Sotto:
Sa madaling salita, ibalik sa closet.)

  • Telling an out and proud gay man like Diamond (or any LGBTIQs) to feel shame towards his chosen gender expression doesn't solve nor address issues of discrimination and bullying of LGBTIQs. Being an LGBTIQ is never a reason to be bullied. Shame the bullies, not the bullied.

Nakakaranas po ako ng diskriminasyon, sa mga taong hindi nakakaunawa sa pagiging beki namin. Yun nga po, naging koneksyon yung mga anak ko.

Jose Manalo:
So ang bata naaapektuhan?

Opo. Ano po kasi, mag-aaral na po kasi yung isa. Siyempre po, hindi mo rin maiiwasang, ihahatid mo rin sa school. Siyempre kapag malalaman ng mga kaklase nila, na ganito ako, siyempre po natin maiiwasan na tutuksuhin din sila na ganito ako.

Paolo Ballesteros:
Anong problema mo?

Ang problema ko po, paano po maiiwasan o ma-solusyunan po na hindi po sila madadamay...

Jose Manalo:
Hindi mawawala yan ate, na darating sa mga bata yan. Ang unang unang kailangan, ikaw. Ang solusyon ikaw. Ikaw ang unang gagawa ng solusyon. Hindi naman sa binabago ang pagkato mo, pero magagawa mo ba na hindi ka na mag-ga-ganyan ang hitsura? Pero beki ka pa rin.)


Because there isn't just one way to make a family.

  • The utter shock and disbelief on Jose Manalo's face and statements, after learning that Diamond has a wife and three kids, shows how much the term “family” is still defined by patriarchal values. The notion that a family is only a family when it's made up of a heterosexual father, heterosexual mother, and heterosexual kids, shows complete disregard of the validity of LGBTIQs' unions and partnerships. Everyone has the right to be a family recognized by the law and society.

(Jose Manalo:
Kasi, ang pagkakaalam natin sa ganyang, kagaya mo, ganyan ka manamit. Babaeng babae ka manamit, tapos na-in love ka sa isang babae?


Paolo Ballesteros:
Mukha bang lalaki yung asawa mo?

Jose Manalo:
May bigote ba yung babae?

Hindi naman po. Babaeng babae rin po siya. Maganda po siya.

[Later in the video clip.]

Jose Manalo:
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Bakit kasi nag-asawa eh?

Sen. Tito Sotto:
Nahirapan. Nahirapan ka diyan Jose 'no?

Jose Manalo:
Nag-asawa kasi eh?)


Because gender stereotyping is not okay.

  • When Jose Manalo asks Diamond if s/he has a boyfriend, what he's actually suggesting is that all gay men are promiscuous – simply because they are gay men.

(Jose Manalo:
Pero nag-bo-boyfriend ka ngayon? Nag-bo-boyfriend ka?

Wala po. Wala.

Sen. Tito Sotto:

Jose Manalo:
Wag na.)


Because there is nothing wrong with being gay.

  • Jose Manalo expressing his concern over Diamond's kidsshowing signs of being gay – using expressions like “Ayan ingatan mo.” and “Mas nakakatakot yung ganon.” like being gay is a vile and terrifying threat towards children and society – is a clear example of gender discrimination and heterosexism. There is nothing wrong with being gay. There is however something wrong with being sexist.

(Jose Manalo:
Ang unang una mong gagawin sa mga anak mo, may anak kang lalaki?

Opo, dalawa po.

Jose Manalo:
Ayan ingatan mo. Oo, kasi baka mamaya pag tinutukso sila, sabihin, “Huy bading ang tatay mo. Bading ang tatay mo.” Para hindi lang sila mapahiya, syempre sasabihin no'n, “Bakit? Tatay ko lang ba? Bading rin kami.” Di ba? Mas nakakatakot yung ganon.)


Because “corrective abuse” is not okay.

  • Corrective abuse is a hate crime. Telling a gay person that you'll beat them if they don't conform to the dominant gender expression (i.e. heterosexual) is supporting a hate crime.

(Jose Manalo:
Baguhin mo na rin yung pananamit mo.

Sige po.

Jose Manalo:
Para sa mga anak mo.

Sen. Tito Sotto:
Ibalik sa closet.

Araw araw po nag-ga-ganito po ako...

Jose Manalo:
Hindi nga eh. Nangangatwiran ka pa eh. Gugulpihin kita eh.

Paolo Ballesteros/Ryan Agoncillo:
'Wag mong gulpihin.

Jose Manalo:
Hindi, baka lumaban bumalik sa pagkalalaki di ba?

Ryan Agoncillo:
Ayan, ayan ayan.)


Because gender discrimination, gender inequality, gender stereotyping, sexism, misogyny, hate, and ignorance, especially ignorance, is not okay.







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