MTA: Improve, don’t slash bus service in Northeast Queens!

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We as residents and elected representatives of Northeast Queens are united against the MTA's proposed cuts to express bus service and concerned about changes to local service routes, as outlined in the draft plan of the Queens Bus Network Redesign.

In Northeast Queens, where there is no subway access and limited public transit options for residents, the first major overhaul of our bus network in a century should improve — not slash — service to our already transit-starved neighborhood.

On an average weekday, thousands of riders rely on the express QM2, QM3, QM6, QM20, and QM32 to get to Manhattan from Northeast Queens, and again to return home. Reducing rush hour service puts our commuters, who already have limited transportation options, at a complete disadvantage. Further, the proposal nearly eliminates express bus connectivity to Manhattan on weekends. Regardless of potential low ridership levels at non-rush hour times, residents of Northeast Queens require reliable express buses for their every day needs. Cutting service is denying mobility to a part of the city that is in great need of better options. This is unacceptable.

Our borough's existing bus system is sluggish, unreliable and has not been revised in over 100 years It is clearly in need of improvement. However, the final and implemented plan must expand and improve service for Northeast Queens - not take it away. The current draft plan is a major disservice to our residents.

For the quality of life of those living in Northeast Queens in this next century, the MTA must change their bus plan!


Council Member Paul Vallone

Council Member Barry Grodenchik

Grace Meng

Tom Suozzi

State Senator John Liu

Assemblyman Ed Braunstein

Assemblywoman Nily Rozic