Fix NYC Subway Train Systems

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As a New Yorker, the subway stands as an integral part of our city. Tourists come globally and use our tracks, in awe of the city infrastructure. But when it costs over 125 million dollars per mile for reconstruction, it's undeniable that there is corruption in the New York government's management of the MTA. We as citizens should hold a priority to improve this aspect of the city we call home. 

The NYC Subway is still functioning; politics in our nation is broken. NYC gets over 60 million visitors a year. It’s a national treasure. It’s time to improve the subway.

A paragraph from the New York Times on our subway system:

"New York City’s subway, meanwhile, is falling apart. If you are a regular rider, you know this firsthand. But even if you aren’t, it has probably become difficult to ignore all the stories about the system’s failure: the F train that was trapped between stations for close to an hour without power or air conditioning, the Q train that derailed in Brooklyn, the track fire on the A line in Harlem that sent nine passengers to the hospital. The cumulative impression of all these miserable underground experiences — and all these stories about miserable underground experiences — is that the situation is hopeless, that the subway cannot be fixed. The subway has been wrecked, and in this era of short-term thinking and government mistrust, public-works projects with benefits larger than any single mind can realize are no longer possible. But it is possible to fix the subway. And we must. Our failure to do so would be a collective and historic act of self-destruction."

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