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This petition is a request to the above named media outlets to report the list of evidentiary facts listed below, which are corroborated by forensic reports and transcripts on Kai the Hitchhiker Legal Support Page on Facebook. Kai, otherwise known as Caleb McGillvary, is the subject of a heroic video with over 23 million views on Snapper Laughs. He has been held for almost 4 years without trial for allegedly killing the man who drugged and raped him. The list is as follows:

1.) The prosecutor broke the law (NJSA 45:9-18) and undermined the New Jersey Attorney General Standards for providing services to victims of sexual assault by pretending Robert Pandina was a medical doctor capable of examining a survivor of rape. This is evidenced by page 91-93 of the Grand Jury transcripts. (Link below)

2.) The prosecutor lied to the grand jury about a rape kit being done on Kai, and that no semen was found: even though the rapists' semen was found on the rapist and no rape kit was done on Kai. This is evidenced on page 9 of the grand jury transcripts, and in the forensic lab reports. (Link below)

3.) The prosecutor's office rinsed out all bottles and glasses from the house without testing for date rape drugs. This is evidenced by UCSO Detective Edward Suter's report. (Link below)

The under signed requests that the above three points be reported on by the petitioned media outlets, to expose these evidentiary facts to the public.
(^ Legal Docs.)
(^ pg. 92 grand jury trans.)
(^ pg. 9 grand jury trans.)
(^ forensic lab report)
​(^ forensic lab report)​
(^ histopathology report)
(^ Suter's report)



(^^^ witness reports of Kai appearing drugged)

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