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Fire "Morning Joe" over his slander of #UniteBlue


On Friday, May 23, 2014, Joe Scarborough voiced his disdain for liberals, progressives, and America's labor movement, saying on his show:

“I could just take people who use the hashtag #UniteBlue and make a sweeping condemnation about America’s labor movement if I wanted to, but I don’t because I know that these people are on the fringes; they’re freaks; they’re hate mongers; that there are a lot of people who are in America’s union movements that are good, decent, hardworking people who actually would agree with me on a lot of issues.” 5/23/2014

There is no reason why MSNBC should keep this right-wing nut job on the air after his completely unfounded smear attack against the honest, hard-working union folk that organize under the hashtag #UniteBlue. To continue to give him a platform is an implicit endorsement of his hateful comments.

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