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Stop the Canned Hunting of Large Cats in South Africa

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This petition's aim is to help put an end to the canned hunting industry in South Africa. By signing this petition, you are acknowledging the need for action to be taken against those who not only support and encourage canned hunting, but also, those who participate (both directly and indirectly) in the perpetuation of such a horrific industry. We have a responsibility to protect those who cannot protect themselves; this includes all creatures, big and small. This petition, along with countless others, serves the purpose of raising awareness and helping to abolish canned hunting. We can help show those blind to the situation, that it is our time to stand up for the rights, freedom, protection and care of innocent creatures. 


This petition was created, in the hopes that people will recognize the need for canned hunting to be abolished, and help take action against the industry in order to put a stop to the cruelty. Signing this petition will help show the outpouring of support that we as stewards of the Earth have for the creatures whose voice cannot be heard, and whom cannot protest for their own rights, freedoms, and protection from harm. 


Help abolish Canned Hunting in South Africa today, by taking a small step and signing this petition. Every signature counts! 


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