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Animal Lives Matter Too

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Aside from whether conditions that we can not control, a large chunk of the blame of species being endangered is on us. People have destroyed habitats and hunted animals for decades. Our actions have resulted in thousands of animals to be enlisted in the IUCN Red List. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) requires federal agencies to ensure the survival of any listed species. It is currently in danger of being repealed or tampered with so private land owners as well as the government can gain profit off these protected lands. Species depend on each other to survive, the destruction of ones habitat draws out many from their natural habitat and into another, with possible new competition and struggles that they have not been adapted to, this leads to the loss of species which leads to the loss of it's predator from lack of food and so on. Our mission is to raise awareness of the damages we are doing to these innocent lives and show that because of it we need to maintain the ESA as a way to protect these species that can't protect themselves.

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