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Lycee Abdel Kader campus, whose creation dates back to 1909, is threatened of demolition!

We, the students, parents, alumni, community residents, do not want LAK displaced!

Please support us and sign the petition to save LAK Campus in Beirut!

We, the signers of this petition, call on all concerned parties _LAK management and Hariri Foundation & Family, to act in the best interest of LAK school students and do the following:

-          Keep up your promise for maintaining LAK in the vivid community and vibrant campus in the heart of Beirut

-          Show respect to the students and their parents, who have been confused and concerned for five years, by clarifying the situation; Comprehensible statements needed to clarify the current status of LAK land

-          Consider renting LAK land from then new owner (in case it is already sold) instead of renting other schools.

Our children are heartbroken. Please let them know that their faith will help keep their school around for many more wonderful years.