End religious selection to Ripley St Thomas School

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We would like Ripley St Thomas School to stop religious selection. As a state-funded school, paid for through our taxes, we believe it should be open to ALL children across the Lancaster district regardless of faith or background.

At present Ripley St Thomas School has strict entry criteria based on religious beliefs and church attendance, operating on a points-based system. Ripley can select 100% of its pupil intake on religious grounds thanks to exemptions in equality legislation that apply to faith schools. No other public service providers are allowed to discriminate in this way. 

It should be noted that many faith schools choose not to select pupils by religion and are still able to uphold their religious values. Lancaster has very limited choices for pupils at secondary level. We are not asking Ripley St Thomas to become a non faith school. We are simply asking them to promote inclusivity and diversity by giving ALL local children a fair chance to attend.

The school is currently entering a 6 week consultation period regarding its admissions policy (which it is required to do by law every 7 years).

If you want to end religious selection to Ripley St Thomas School and give all children in the district equal access to secondary education please sign and share this petition. 

Also please visit the consultation page on the school’s admissions page of their website and consider emailing the school at admin@ripley.lancs.sch.uk or write to them with your views. Please mark your envelope 'Admissions Consultation' and send it for the attention of Mrs J Rees, Executive Assistant to the Principal, by Friday 8 November 2019.