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Suspend the dog catching activity in the entire country and the killing of dogs untill ALL the requirements of the law have been fully implemented everywhere in Romania.

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In Romania local authorities have decided NOT to fully implement the new Law for the management of stray dogs,only the KILLING of these animals. This is UNACCEPTABLE and the National Authority in charge with the complete implementation of this law and its norms MUST assume its responsibilities.Most public shelter do not fulfill the requirements stipulated in the law, dog catchers abuse, torture and might even kill the dogs, adoptions are NOt promoted on the internet, most likely the documentation for each dog does not exist, there are major discrepancies between the Law itself and its Methodological Norms of implementation, the name of veterinarians who accepted to KILL thousands and thousands of dogs are not made public...

In the attention of Romanian Authorities in charge with the implementation of the Law 258/2013

In the attention of Mr. Vladimir Manastireanu , President ANSVSA - Secretary of State

In atentia autoritatilor romane desemnate sa implementeze Legea 258/2013 In atentia dlui Vladimir Manastireanu - Presedinte ANSVSA  

We, citizens of Romania and the world, are very concerned about the fact that many local authorities in Romania, including the City Hall of Bucharest, have decided to start the euthanasia of stray dogs, before having implement ALL the requirements of the law and it Methodological Norms. 

We are following for years the way Romania treats the stray dogs and NOW we are very well informed about the content of the law and its norms.

Noi, cetateni ai Romaniei si ai lumii intregi, suntem foarte ingrijorati de faptul ca autoritatile locale in Romania, inclusiv Primaria Generala a capitalei, au decis sa inceapa uciderea cainilor, INAINTE ca toate prevederile si masurile stipulate in lege si in normele metodologice sa fie implementate in intregime.

Legea 258/2013

We are all aware of the requirements for the authorization of  a public shelter, of the way the dog catchers MUST tread the animals, of the way the dogs are being transported, of  the mandatory individual files for every dog capture, we know that the dogs MUST be kept 7 workin days on hold in case they were lost by their owners, then 7 more wroking days for adoption purposes...

We know that ALL shelters MUST be open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm, we also know that there MUST be an internet site where thephotos of the  dogs are being published....We know that for each and every dog euthanised there MUST BE an individual sheet stipulating the motif of the euthanasia. 

Suntem foarte bine informati despre toate conditiile care trebuie indeplinite pentru autorizarea unui adapost public ( Anexa 1 la Lege ) despre felul in care hingherii trebuie sa se comporta cu animalele ( Anexa 2 la lege ) despre felul in care animalele trebuie transportate NUMAI cu masini autorizate, despre faptul ca fiecare caine trebuie sa aiba o fisa individuala. Stim ca aceste animale trebuie tinute 7 zilelucratoare  inainte de a fi puse pentru adoptie, pentru a da posibilitatea celor care le-au pierdut sa le recupereze, stim ca mai urmeaza o perioada de 7 zile lucratoare  in care animalele sunt puse pentru adoptie. De asemenea stim ca toate adaposturile TREBUIE sa fie deschise publicului de Luni pana Vineri de la 10 la 18, ca trebuie sa aiba pagina de internet unde sa fie puse fotografiile cainilor pentru adoptie. Stim ca pentru fiecare caine care urmeaza sa fie eutanaziat trebuie sa fie o fisa individuala.  

We are OUTRAGED to see that, many local authorities HAVE DECIDED to skip many , almost all requirements of the law and to start KILLING the DOGS. We are OUTRAGED to see that Mr. Bancescu and of course Mr. general Mayor of Bucharest have DECIDED to BREAK this new law, and to do whatever they want with these stray dogs from Bucharest.

Suntem oripilati de faptul ca multe autoritati locale au hotarat sa ignore multe, dacat nu toate cerintele legii si au hotarat sa implementeze NUMAI UCIDEREA acestora. Suntem ORIPILATI de faptul ca Dl. Bancescu de la ASPA  si evident, Primarul general al Capitalei, au hotarat sa INCALCE Legea si sa inceapa sa UCIDA cainii,. Mai mult separe ca dansii au hotarat sa FACA CE VOR EI in privinta cainilor fara stapan din Bucuresti. Se pare ca pentru ASPA si pentru Dl Oprescu LEGEA NU CONTEAZA.  

We are also aware of the Romanian legislation regarding the practice of the veterinary medicine and of the fact that there is NO law in Romania which can force a veterinarian to KILL healthy animals, quite the contrary. The killing ( euthanasia ) euthanasia of healthy animals constitutes a severe breach of the Deonthological Code of Veterinarians, of the Decision nr. 24/03.12.2011 of the National Council of Veterinarians.

AM luat cunostinta de legislatia romana privind activitatea de medic veterinar si de faptul ca nu exista nici o lege in Romaia care sa oblige un medic veterinar sa ucida animale sanatoase. Uciderea ( eutanasierea ) animalelor sanatoase constitue de fapt, o incalcare GRAVA a Codului Deontologica al veterinarilor si a Deciziei nr. 24/03.12.2011 a Consiliului National al medicilor Veterinari. "Codul Deontologic al medicului veterinar prevede, la art. 50: “Medicul veterinar se va abtine sa practice eutanasia, cu exceptia cazurilor cand aceasta pune capat suferintelor unui pacient IRECUPERABIL”. Deasemenea, Hotararea nr.24/03.12.2011 a Consiliului National al Medicilor Veterinari precizeaza ca eutanasierea efectuata asupra cainilor, IN AFARA DE BOLILE INCURABILE, reprezinta abatere disciplinara, fiind interzisa”. ge2dcmbwgm/codul-deontologic- din-24102010-medical-veterinar    


Based on the democratic, international and Romania laws for the freedom of information we ask ANSVSA and CMVR to publish the list with Romanian veterinarians who are ready to euthanise healthy animals. Their names should not be kept secret, all the decisions taken by local authorities, including the names of veterinarians who will kill the dogs OUGHT to be legal and public.

Pe baza legilor romane si internationale privind accesul liber la informatie, cerem ANSVSA si CMVR sa publice lista completa cu veterinarii din Romania care sunt gata sa eutanasiese animale sanatoase. Numele acestore nu trebuie tinut secret, nici deciziile consiliilor locale.   

The DUTY and the RESPONSBILITY of the ANSVSA is to MAKE SURE the law and its norm are IMPLEMENTED in their entirety, from the very firts letter to the very last, by ALL local authorities in Romania, without any exemption,  not only the MASS KILLING of dogs, many of whom might be dogs LOST by their owners, stollen then abandoned .

ANSVSA MUST send its inspectors in all public shelters in Romania and ANSVSA MUST STOP the euthanasia of any dog, everywhere in Romania UNTIL all the requirements of the law and its methodological norms have been fully implemented. ANSVSA MUST send an official note to all town halls in Romania .ANSVSA MUST severely punish all those who decided to make their own laws and start killing the dogs  as if this law has only one article : euthanasia of stray dogs is legal. 

ANSVSA are datoria de a lua toate masurile necesare pentruca Legea 258/2013 su Normele ei Metodologice sa fie implementate IN intregime, de la prima litera pana la ultima, de catre toate autoritatile locale din Romania, fara nici o exceptie, si de a NU accepta NUMAI uciderea cainilor. ANSVSA trebuie sa trimita inspectori INTEGRI in toate adaposturile publice din Romania, si pana cand toate conditiile si masurile prevazute de lege si norme sunt indeplinite conform LEGII, sa OPREASCA UCIDEREA animalelor din adaposturi, prin memorandum trimis TUTUROR primariilor din Romania. ANSVSA trebuie sa pedepseasca asupra pe toti cei care au decis sa faca legi noi si sa ucida cainii ca si cum aceasta lege ar avea un singur articol.

ANSVSA must check all the decisions taken by local councils in order to verify their legality .Intra in atributiile ANSVSA  sa verifice legalitatea tuturor deciziilor luate de consiliile locale.

Is this LEGAL ?| Este legal ce face Bancescu de la ASPA ???

Este legal ce se intampla la Harsova ?

Is it legal what happens to dogs in Harsova - Constanta County ?

We do hope that the Romanian legislators and ANSVSA in charge with the implementation of the law 258/2013 and its Methodological Norms have not come with this new legislation only to deceive the world, when in fact what they really want and do is to kill as many dogs as possible, anywhere, anyhow, by anybody, based on impsovised laws , invented by local authorities , which do not have much in common with the legislation approved by the Parliament and by the Government.

Speram ca legislatorii romani si ANSVSA , care trebuie sa vegheze asupra implementarii corecte a legii si a normelor ei metodologice, nu au creat aceasta Lege numai ca sa pacaleasca opinia publica internationala, cand de fapt nu avea ca scop decat UCIDEREA in masa a cat mai multor caini posibil, oriunde, poricum si oricand pe baza unor noi legi improvizate ad-hoc, inventate de edili locali, "legi" care nu au nimic in comun cu legislatia aprobata de Parlamentul si de Guvernul Romaniei.  

We will hold ANSVSA responsible for any decision taken by local authorities in Romania which trespasses the LAW. 

Atribuitm ANSVSA intreaga responsabilitate pentru deciziile luate de autoritatile locale, daca aceasta incalca legislatia in vigoare.  

We are determined to follow very closely the way the Romanian local authorities will implement the law and to complain to international officials ( especially in the EU ) IF the ANSVSA does not make sure that the LAW is applied everywhere in Romania in the same way.

Suntem determinati sa urmarim indeaproape felul in care autoritatile locale din Romania vor implementa aceatsa lege si vom trimite sesizari si proteste tuturor forumurilor internationale - in special in UE - daca ANSVSA nu ia toate masurile necesare pentruca legea sa nu fie incalcata de NIMENI.  

Until ALL local authorities have fully implement the law, it is the DUTY of ANSVSA to STOP the killing of ANY DOG. Until all public shelter fulfill all  the requirements of the law and the norms the dog catching activity should be suspended every where in Romania, especially in Bucharest. Please send qualified and honest inspectors every where in Romania.

Pana cand toate primariile din Romania NU au materializat in mod LEGAL toate prevederile legii, pana cand TOATE adaposturile publice din Romania nu au fost autorizate de catre inspectori competenti si integrii, pana cand fiecare articol din lege si din norme nu a fost pe deplin aplicat asa cum prevede legislatia, ANSVSA TREBUIE sa opreasca uciderea animalelor. Pana cand toate adaposturile publice vor fi conform legii si normelor, in special in Bucuresti, activitatea de capturare a cainilor trebuie sa fie suspendata. Trimiteti inspectori calificati si integrii peste tot in Romania.   

The time has come for National Romania Authorities to take their role seriously and to stop deceiving the world. The laws are created to be IMPLEMENTED, not to remain only on paper. A venit timpul ca autoritatile nationale in Romania sa-si ia rolul in serios si sa nu mai incerce sa pacaleasca lumea. Legile sunt create pentru a fi APLICATE nu doar pentru a ramane scrise pe hartie.  

Based on the Law 258/2013 ANSVSA is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for the correct implementation of the law. We reserve the right to complain to European authorities if ANSVSA refuses to do so. 

Dupa cum prevedea Legea 258/2013 ANSVSA este pe deplin raspunzatoare de felul cum este implementata si aplicata in TOATA Romania, fara exceptie. Ne rezervam dreptul de a sesiza autoritatile Europene daca ANSVSA refuza sa impuna respectarea legii in totalitatea ei.    

Thank you for your attention.

Multumim pentru atentie       

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