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Please read below and if you are in agreement, sign this petition to remove Timeline formatting from Facebook. The petition with signatures will be forwarded to Mr. Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook.

The Timeline format is touted as "telling your life story with a new kind of profile" as quoted by Facebook. This is not in sync with the original reason for creating Facebook; rather it was created as an online social media to communicate with other people, not to share one's life story. Timeline is confusing and a challenge for anyone to use. The easy accessibility to all past posts leaves each of us vulnerable. It creates an opportunistic environment for stalkers and/or predators. These are sufficient enough reasons to demand that Facebook rescind Timeline.

The new format (Timeline) has not taken into account the needs of members of the medically disabled community. I can only speak of those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury; I have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and am the administrator of two groups on Facebook for survivors of traumatic brain injury. Many, including myself, have a seizure disorder which can be brought on by visual overstimulation. Timeline is much too visually stimulating, should it be instituted as planned, the new format is also more complex to personalize and utilize; many persons with a TBI will not be able to comprehend the format, nor personalize it. I will not be able to continue to utilize Facebook should Timeline be instituted as it is now planned. A traumatic brain injury is a life altering event and also an isolating one. Facebook is my main source of interaction with others, as it is for members in my groups. 

I feel strongly that we who have medical disabilities that will prohibit us from remaining members of Facebook have not been taken into consideration when Timeline was designed and as such, it is discrimination against a large segment of the population that utilizes Facebook. This discrimination is untenable.

We the undersigned agree with the statements contained in the above petition and respectfully request that Timeline be removed from Facebook. Please add any additional comments you may have below your signature.

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