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Stop The Massacre of Dolphins in Taiji

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Dolphins are beautiful, complex creatures and continuing research evidence suggests that their complex emotional regulation and understanding may exceed that of even human beings.

Despite this fact, from September to March every year in Taiji, Wakayama, Japan around 23,000 dolphins are rounded up by loud fishing boats and trapped in a cove. Those deemed beautiful enough are picked out by trainers from SeaWorld and other such corporations, separated from their mothers and flown across the world to be help captive, displayed and performed. Those who are not selected are brutally slaughtered and sold for their meat.

The Taiji government continues to argue that this ritual massacring is part of the culture of Japan, yet the majority of the Japanese citizens are unaware that the practice goes on and guards and barbed wire fences mask the slaughter from view.

Dolphins are beautiful, intelligent creatures with the ability to feel fear, pain and love and this barbaric practice has to be stopped.

Please sign this petition and withdraw your support from this business by boycotting any captive dolphin shows. Spread the word.

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