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We NEED animal protection law in China!!!!

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We, as Americans, have been known throughout the world to stand against the victimization of the innocent and the vulnerable. Nothing should hold us back now from standing against the most atrocious and inhumane violence perpetrated against innocent dogs and cats. We are asking for your support to fight the end of this barbaric torture and horrendous cruelty that takes place daily in China, S. Korea, and Vietnam.. 
It is not about their culture, but about brutality of the worst kind. Dogs and cats who once had loving homes are routinely stolen from their homes and strays looking for a family are forced into the slaughter houses. They are murdered with their collars still on them, and murdered in the most heinous of ways....all while still alive and concious, boiled alive, hung and skinned alive, burned with blow torches, ALIVE!
We, as advocates, are asking our representatives to use the power and compassion you have to speak out against this horrific practice and we desperately need your support to end the Dog and Cat meat trade.  How can anyone who has a heart turn away and say nothing. You are there chance and for you not to speak out is to support this inhumane and barbaric cruelty inflicted on the animals of the world.
Please show your support to end this evil trade and use your voice to be a hero and support H.R. 752. There is a groundswell of attention to the dog meat trade.

This arrogant posturing, on the world scale, will rapidly tumble. The truth of animal torture, and the Asian dog meat trade, is in full view through social media, and world media. Please, save these animals. The humanity of all nations are watching this horrific story unfold, in real time. Please watch and show staff this short video, which has just been released and is quickly going viral:


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