Please release information to solve the disappearance mystery of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

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Dear President Putin,

I wish to submit this humble petition to you in the capacity of an Indian citizen without any special rank or status.

The purpose of this petition is the elucidation of the mystery surrounding the disappearance of the great Indian leader Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.

The Indian Government has so far maintained a position that he died in a plane crash on August 18, 1945. Many researchers have noted the unreliability of this version built on contradictions and not confirmed by official documents. A commission of inquiry led by Justice M K Mukherjee, a former Supreme Court Judge, has concluded that he did not die in the plane crash as alleged. The Indian Government rejected the findings of the Commission leaving the mystery unsolved.

Generations of Indians have refused to accept the plane crash theory and have remained concerned over his whereabouts after August 18, 1945. An opinion suggests that the story of his death was trumped up and he left for an unknown destination, possibly the Soviet Union, as a natural course of action in the situation prevailing then. Researchers have indicated that Bose's escape to the Soviet Union might have been accomplished.

Bose was a rare kind of a leader who was single-minded in the pursuit of his dream to liberate his motherland. He may have collaborated with the Axis Powers in his drive against the British rulers but he was always sympathetic towards the Soviet socialist system and his disapproval of Germany's declaration of war against the Soviet Union is well known.

Unfortunately neither the Indian government nor the authorities of other countries, which somehow can be linked to Bose’s disappearance, have shown any interest in conducting a detailed investigation of this case so far.

People are convinced that Governments of India, Russia and other countries are withholding information that upon release in the public domain can lift the veil of mystery. Indians are yearning for the truth and the demand for declassification of all documents related to Bose has been growing stronger everyday. Sensing the mood of the masses, the West Bengal State Government has recently released many secret files. Good sense seems to have prevailed over the Central Government as it has decided to follow suit and started declassifying secret Netaji files from 23rd January 2016 onward.

In the Soviet and the post-Soviet era, the official position of the Russian Government has been to deny any connection with Bose after August 1945. However now times have changed and so has the world scenario with the emergence of new challenges. It has become all the more important for Indians to know what exactly happened to Bose who sacrificed a brilliant career to fight for the freedom of his country, freedom which is so precious. He is the legacy for the future generations of India and they have the right to know. I am sure that Indians are ready to face the truth no matter how dark it is and they shall hold no grudge against the Russian people even if any misdeed of the erstwhile Soviet Government comes to light in the process.

Hence I would humbly pray to you to act like a statesman and release all information related to Bose, secret or otherwise, especially pertaining to the period after August 1945.

Looking forward to counting that you will work this cause out, it is an honor for me to send you my kindest regards.


Chandra Nath Mullick