Plea to CM Maharashtra for Hair & Beauty Industry

Plea to CM Maharashtra for Hair & Beauty Industry

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Mr. Uddhav Thackrey - Chief Minister (Maharashtra) and

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Started by Uday Takke


Mr. Uddhav Thackrey - CM (Maharashtra)
Mr. Narendra Modi - Prime Minister

Subject: Relief Package for Hair & Beauty Industry.

Since the lockdown has been declared due to COVID19 from 22nd March, all salons beauty parlours are completely shut until further notice from the government. Even freelancers are jobless. Now everyone in the hair & beauty industry is in the shadow of unemployment and is unsure of the situation.

Salon owners and runners are expected to pay salaries, but this lockdown is not allowing them to earn any amount of money, as hair & beauty industry can't work from home.

Salaries, shop rents, bank loan installments, utility bills, taxes and also their personal household expenses, all these expenses are difficult as this industry works on earn and spend format.

Secondly, after everything coming back to routine hair & beauty industry will continue to be in uncertainty as issues of hygiene, cross infections, sanitation soft targets in salons and beauty parlours.

So we are putting this petition on salon and beauty industry's behalf to get relief in our expenditures (EMI, Rents, Instalments, Taxes - GST, license fees, profession tax/income tax - whichever are applicable)

And if the government can arrange some daily allowances to small salon holders or salon workers.

The Hair & Beauty Industry is looking forward for support from the government. It would be great help and the industry would be obliged. It's the need of time, to make us stand strong again.

Thank You

26,644 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!