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Every year, at a village near Hanoi, on the 6th day of the lunar new year,
which this year is February 4, 2014 a pig is brutally chopped into two so that people can smear banknotes with its blood in the belief that it would bring luck.

The festival is known as the most brutal in the country and is condemned by many, including some who called on the government to stop the festival.

For more information, please visit: http://www.occupyforanimals.net/the-brutal-festival-at-nem-thuong-village-vietnam.html

Occupy for Animals had written and forwarded the signatures collected via our first petition (http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/ban-the-brutal-festival-at-nem-thuong-village-vietnam.html) to the president of Vietnam already four times, but received no response so that we must assume that the "festival" will be celebrated again this year.

By signing this petition, the message that you can read below and which is addressed to the president of Vietnam will be sent instantly to several Vietnamese embassies.

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Letter to
Vietnamese Embassy in Dasman, Kuwait
Vietnamese Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Vietnamese Embassy in London, United Kingdom
and 22 others
Vietnamese Embassy in Moscow, Russia
Vietnamese Embassy in Pyongyang, North Korea
Mr Truong Tan Sang, President of Vietnam
Vietnamese Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands
Vietnamese Embassy in Wellington, New Zealand
 Vietnamese Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa
Vietnamese Embassy in Madrid, Spain
Vietnamese Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden
Vietnamese Consulate in Bern, Switzerland
Vietnamese Embassy in Washington DC, United States
Vietnamese Embassy in Tokyo, Japan
Vietnamese Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Vietnamese Embassy in Canberra, Australia
Vietnamese Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Vietnamese Embassy in Bruselles, Belgium
Vietnamese Embassy in Ottawa, Canada
Vietnamese Consulate in Hong Kong, China
Vietnamese Embassy in Hellerup, Denmark
Vietnamese Embassy in Cairo, Egypt
Vietnamese Embassy in Helsinki, Finland
Vietnamese Embassy in Paris, France
 Vietnamese Embassy in Rome, Italy
The President of the Vietnam
Mr Truong Tan Sang

Dear Mr. President,

We wish to express our deep concern and regret about animal cruelty being conducted in the name of tradition in Vietnam.

Every year, on the 6th day of the lunar new year, Vietnamese citizens at Nem Thuong village celebrate their cruel festival, during which a pig is brutally chopped into two.

Every year, thousands of inhabitants of Nem Thuong and nearby villages gather to smear the tortured pig’s blood on their banknotes in the belief that it would bring luck in the new year. This festival, which has shocked the world, is notoriously known as the most brutal in your country and is condemned by many, including those who have already called on your government to put an end to it.


The petition that Occupy for Animals had started after the 2012 "festival" has collected 45,547 signatures so far (at date of January 10, 2014) - http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/ban-the-brutal-festival-at-nem-thuong-village-vietnam.html), the petition at change.org started in 2013 has collected 19,743 signatures - http://www.change.org/petitions/mr-truong-tan-sang-president-of-vietnam-stop-the-brutal-pig-festival-at-nem-thuong-village - and the video of the 2012 "festival" that has been uploaded to youtube has over 382,867 views.

The world knows what happens there on the 6th day of the lunar new year. And people are asking you to make sure it does not happen again on 4th of February, 2014.

What are you going to tell them, Mr. President?

No-one can adequately explain why these practices are carried out year after year – except to say they are ‘traditional’. This is, however, not a valid argument to continue these brutal practices.

We sincerely urge you, Mr. President, to abolish this violent tradition and help Vietnam redeem its image of being a humane country in the eyes of the world.

Your exemplary handling of the case of 3 army personnel who were sentenced for torturing monkeys did much to show the world that the Vietnamese Government is taking measures to ensure that animals are treated better, for which we applaud you (http://www.occupyforanimals.org/three-vietnamese-soldiers-tortured-and-skinning-alive-before-eviscerating-and-barbecuing-two-rare-monkeys.html)

We look forward to hearing that the festival at Nem Thuong has been abolished, and that those found celebrating by chopping a pig in half will be severely dealt with.

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