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Petitioning House of Representatives Parliament House Canberra (02) 6277 7700 Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Mr Tony Abbott Prime Minster Australia: Remove Aerial Culling from Brumby Management Plans


Wild Horse Management in Australian National Parks has been unsuccessful and negative to the Australian People and the WIld horses. Wild horse Groups have worked tirelessly for positive management which would see sustainable herd sizes retained in the Australian Environment whilst caring for the Eco system and the welfare of our Heritage Horses.

Letter to
House of Representatives Parliament House Canberra (02) 6277 7700 Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Remove Aerial Culling from Brumby Management Plans

Negative issues with current Management Strategies
Contributing factors to the over population of Brumbies in National Parks in Australia

i. Due to the reluctance to format a sustainable management plan our heritage brumbies have become a problem of excess numbers that have a negative impact on our eco system and environment as stated by government
ii. No government funding has been provided to interested parties to successfully engage a strategic plan for managing the environmental issues whilst allowing for the preservation of our heritage brumbies for future generations
iii. No contraceptive trials have been performed using a controlled systematic process
iv. Government has not consulted with groups working for positive management to implement continuous management strategies
v. Government has not allowed independent evaluation of the effects of wild horses in our eco system without the effects of other contributing factors. i.e.; wild pigs, camels and other hoofed beasts
vi. Current practise resulting in trapped horses being trucked to slaughter yards with little alternative
vii. NPWS failing to adhere to own Code of Practice relating to trapping of pregnant mares, foals and stallions. Animals are not transported in family mobs causing injury and trauma in many cases
viii. In many cases foals are separated from mares and die slowly of starvation
ix. Pregnant mares foaling on trucks and in slaughter yards
x. Welfare standards not applicable, monitored or documented once horses leave the national park
xi. Seasonal trappings can cause tetany and other issues in extreme heat.
Proposition 2
Reduce the costs in the long term and the effects to all areas of sustainability in our environment.

The present method for reduction of wild horses in our national parks has been ongoing for over ten years at a high cost to the environment, constituents and our heritage brumbies without advancing to a positive solution.
Compile a management plan that is sustainable, effective and less destructive.
i. Promotion and advertising to encourage input on sustainable management from all Australian citizens

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