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Terminate the contract of Mr.Salman Khan on accounts of promoting inequality.Stop the injustice on the show.

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This petition is important because it is the voice of the general public; the public that pays to watch this show, watch the films of these movie stars and the one that helps garner trps for the channel. We are hurt by the shield Mr.Salman Khan has been providing to Ms.Tanisha Mukherjee and Mr.Armaan Kohli, time and again, despite their previous and heinous misconducts, only because they belong to the filmi circle that Mr.Khan is a part of. On Saturday October 26th, on the "Weekend Ka Wow With Salman Khan', Mr.Khan reminded everyone of the lineage Ms.Tanisha Mukherjee comes from as if her family line was proof of her innocence. His tone in dealing with Mr.Armaan Kohli and Ms.Tanisha Mukherjee has been nothing short of a 'cute' brother mollycoddling his 'naughty' siblings. Despite repeated offences of using foul language Mr.Armaan Kohli hasn't been reprimanded fully by the host-infact Mr.Khan has excuses for Armaan's behaviour every weekend. Ms. Tanisha Mukherjee was involved in three violent pushes directed towards Mr.Kushal Tandon(she later admitted to pushing him purposely) but was let off easily by the host who said something along the lines that Ms.Tanisha should've done more or if I were in her place I would've done more(i.e gotten more violent).

Mr.Salman Khan has a history of being violent himself, with several cases in the court pending against him; one that includes running over a poor man sleeping on the pavement as well as killing an endangered and revered species. This is the same guy who once poured a bottle of coke over his ex-girlfriend's head and the same guy Ms.Ashwariya Rai accused of physically tormenting her.

We, people of the subcontinent, living around the world, have suffered for years at the hands of these rich , arrogant folks who keep reminding us of the 'lineage' they come from or keep giving leverage to people of their 'own' kind. If you are hosting a show Mr.Salman Khan do it with utmost sincerity, treating the common man and the filmi kid as equals. Can you sincerely say Mr.Khan that you have been fair?


Nothing divides people more than money. No religion, caste, creed or country creates more division than status, and Bigg Boss 7 is promoting nothing but corrupt and redundant ideas like this one. Ones we have lived with and suffered from for years and years. If Mr.Salman Khan treats Tv stars as second class, than the aam junta, one who contributed towards his success, must be untouchables for him. Is that not a violation of human rights or dignity? Why should the viewer sitting at home suddenly feel so inferior to these star kids? Aren't we all the same in the eyes of God, and Law?


This petition favors no contestant but the common man. The common viewer. This petition is against the practice of inequality and of class difference. We have been pained deeply by the antics of Mr.Khan and the show, and are requesting the channel to terminate Mr.Salman Khan's contract and stop the favouritism for Ms.Tanisha Mukherjee and Mr.Armaan Kohli.


The channel must not make a fool out of the common man; we are here to watch entertaining shows after hours but not to feel inferior or undignified at the hands of a super star. Most of us, with a conscience, felt sick after Saturday's episode; it was the straw that broke the camel's back.


Mr.Khan, from when did you become the villain of those wonderful anti-class system movies Salim Javed once wrote? Your father once co-wrote some classics about the common man standing against the almighty, wealthy but corrupt man with all the influence. You have certainly forgotten about them; it's time you revisit those movies.

This petition is for anyone who in their heart and souls know that whatever has been happening on bigg boss 7 is wrong. This petition is also for those of us who can dare to show, Mr.Salman Khan and his gang of abusing fans, that no we are not scared of you or your Salman Khan. No one is God here. Certainly not Mr.Khan

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