We demand that Greggs stops using 'halal certified' meat in its chicken and turkey products

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Greggs the 'British' Bakers is using 'halal certified' meat in its chicken and turkey based products unbeknown to its customers at the point of sale. The halal methods of slaughter, LOW VOLTAGE 'stunning' (an exemption has been given to islamic slaughter houses) or non-stun, are EXTREMELY CRUEL. https://www.ciwf.org.uk/contact-us/faqs-halal-chicken-slaughter/.

This meat is unacceptable for Christians to eat: 'You shall not eat meat sacrificed to idols' Acts 15:20 & 29.

It is equally unacceptable for Sikhs, who are ‘strictly prohibited from eating meat killed in a ritualistic manner, such as halal or kosher.’ ~ Wikipedia

'Halal certification' is provided only by Islamic organisations. It is a stealth tax on all consumers but the certification fees benefit only muslims and their communities. It is also a worldwide US$2.3 trillion dollar scam because Muslims are permitted to eat the food 'of the people of the book' as long as they pray over it first.

Chickens slaughtered for halal meat in England and Scotland are not being stunned effectively. Instead of being rendered instantly unconscious when immersed in a water bath, they receive a painful electric shock (approximately one quarter of the voltage required by law) similar to being hit by a taser stun gun. This shock immobilizes them but leaves them fully conscious and able to feel pain.

Many indigenous English/British people find eating halal slaughtered meat offensive and unacceptable. This is because ritual slaughter runs counter to our cultural norms, our animal welfare laws, our love and respect for animals and to many of us, our Christian Faith.

The signees hereby declare that they will BOYCOTT GREGGS STORES and the FROZEN GREGGS PRODUCTS offered for sale in ICELAND STORES until such time as Greggs stops selling 'halal certified' chicken and turkey in its products.

We believe and we are unequivocal on this point, that Greggs has no right to sell 'halal certified' meat in its products without the prior knowledge of its customers.