Develop professionalism of FBC football commentator

Develop professionalism of FBC football commentator

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Babasiga Lions Fans Group started this petition to Mr. Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum

The CEO,

Fijian Broadcasting Corporation,


FBC's football commentator, Raymond Stoddart, has been making derogatory statements aimed at Labasa football fans, and Labasa people in general, for some time now. We, the undersigned, are much agitated by this and are making a formal request to you to remedy this.

The issues we are raising are:

1. Raymond Stoddart persistently casts Labasa people in a negative light, and makes prejudiced statements which are not founded on a rational basis.

2. Raymond Stoddart makes statements which are very brash and lack class, and do not befit a media personnel on the state broadcaster.

3. Raymond Stoddart's attacks on the people of Labasa are not in the best interests of his employer FBC nor the sponsors of their football coverage. A large number of supporters, including the undersigned who were loyal listeners of FBC coverage have now switched to other media whenever there is a choice, and only listen to Raymond Stoddart's commentary when no other media station is carrying coverage.

4. The Labasa football team, arguably, has the highest number of supporters in Fiji and an mass exodus of Labasa fans, disenchanted by Raymond's continuous attacks and prejudiced statements, will have a significant impact on FBC listener/viewer base.
 5. Labasa people are significant contributers to Fiji's government revenue, and should not be subject to ridicule and negative stereotyping on the media organisation they help fund through their taxpayer dollars.

6. Raymond Stoddart will benefit from training and development activities on appropriate language and commentary on state media and to increase his professionalism and competency in his role. The standard of sports broadcasting has significantly increased globally and our media personnel on state owned media should not be a source of embarrassment for us, Fijians.

7. The state broadcaster owes a duty of care to all Fijians to not allow its mediums to be used to disseminate any divisive stereotypes or prejudices which unfairly discriminate against a group of people.

We, the undersigned, look forward to your due consideration of the issues raised. We also request that you consider removing Raymond Stoddart from any further coverages of Labasa football matches and instead assign other FBC commentators (e.g. Satish Narain) until such time that the above issues are duly addressed.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!