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A Must Veterinary Health Check for all KL Bird Park's Birds and General Cleaning Of Park

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Three of us went to visit KL Bird Park last 01 April 2016 around 1030am. Was so excited to be there as I'm a bird person. I got 7 birds here in Australia and 2 birds in the Philippines. I'm also an admin of the FB group By the time you enter the park, it already smells filthy. Followed the map and yeah the way/road to the attractions are covered with bird poos. Had my pic taken in your photobooth. Would like to share what I had observed - Their birds especially the parrots have bad feathering, poorly cut feather wings etc. I have discuss this concern to their staff and even showed my parrot pics to them. Saw your famous hornbills, pelicans, lories etc. Enjoyed our time in their Lorikeet section where I got to feed them. They were beautiful except for the amazons I personally wouldn't put them there as they feed as well on the nectar mix which is not their main diet. Informed their staff as well. I also saw lots of sunflower seeds on most feeding bowls in the caged birds which I think are part of their diet - they should only be used as treats and not as main diet - main cause of fatty liver disease. Can see lots of rats running around as well. When We went to their waterfall aviary, stronger filthy smell and all their peacocks got ticks on their faces/heads. It's hard for them to reach that area thus the ticks are so fat that they look like part of the skin shining. Took pics and went out. So heartbreaking that I decided not to continue with this visit and head back to the hotel. I usually spend one whole day but this one was just over an hour. It was overpriced (should have been okay if birds are taken cared of properly) and the facility is just breaking point. Breaks my heart to see these birds in very bad condition. It's not too late. Please check these and hope to hear from you soon. PS I had been sending emails to and private messages to their Facebook page but no replies. This needs an immediate action for the Health and Safety of everyone and every bird there. Cheers. Ed

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