Education: one that can increase patriotism and reduce corruption, superstitions & poverty

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I am not here to request for my self-benefits but I believe my obligation might benefit minimum our upcoming generations. Hence, I am requesting everybody to support this idea although it looks weird for some people.

"A change in education system that eventually provide employment, can eradicate root-level corruption and superstitions, develop patriotism & lastly that helps to develop a character to respect others irrespective of their beliefs, caste, creed, race, religion & sex", is the prime motive of this petition. 

Title of the campaign: "Education only can increase patriotism and only one which can reduce corruption" 

              A way to improve quality of education and employment (This idea was shared with intellectuals in, in 2014 during elections time. Although, we have MAKE IN INDIA policy but the below idea is one of the best solutions to eradicate the root-level corruption in education and employment besides making our country self-reliant and self-sustain. Although, I have seen few implementations from past few years by Modiji's as well as by previous governments. Now, it is high time to revamp complete education system to improve employment and economy of the country). Forward this message to as many as possible for a better INDIA (BHARAT), even if you believe or not in this solution, but to give a try over present approaches that has not been successful in totality. I believe that this will work out because according to me, education means not degrees but a character to develop self-confidence and sensibility in understanding the environment around him and act accordingly. I believe thus it will lead to pure-democratic Bharat over on paper-democratic INDIA.


Dear President and Prime minister,

I have an idea to improve our education sector. In particular, science and technological sector and in return employment too. It is as follows:

Reforms at Primary Education level that help country's growth:

To bring all classes of people under same roof, we have to lay a strong foundation in primary education. This may help us to implement reservation based on economic status in the place of present concept of caste-based reservation.

                 First, we have to start a common  course structure up to 5th class (at primary school to every INDIAN citizen). I mean one should be taught only languages and mathematics up to this age of children. In detail, one should be taught his mother language, Sanskrit, Hindi, English (compulsory), couple of other Indian languages (to elevate the dying languages of India), one or two other foreign languages (depending on interest because of increasing globalization) and vedic/elementary mathematics (to develop critical thinking). This brings ethics, morals and educational equilibrium among various classes (urban, rural and tribal) of INDIANS. Most importantly, subjects like geography, history, civics, physics, biology, and economics etc., (at or below 5th standard course structure) should be taught as part of the above languages, if one feels they are left out. I stressed on these languages and mathematics because this way we can definitely bring all the classes to same level of understanding and communication, even though they are divided on the basis of socio-economic differences. After bringing equality among citizens (students) at this level of primary schooling, physics, botany, zoology, history, sociology, politics, commerce and many other subjects along with few languages and maths can be implemented explicitly. Most importantly, I am saying to those people who have reservations or concerns for these subjects that they can be taught as part of linguistics or languages teaching. This helps us in elevating the level of education in tribal and rural areas on parallel with (metro)cosmopolitan urban culture. Thus, future citizens even from those areas can easily compete with urban people which is very important India's self-reliance and to being self-sufficient. Indeed, this approach will strongly can eradicate injustice faced by scheduled tribes and castes or even others who are below poverty line irrespective of their social status. Majorly, this route will bring resources directly to those people who are under poverty line and socially backward unlike to those who are exercising benefits in the name of reservations even after being well-settled financially. At last I conclude this point like what great scholar Socrates said "a democracy without educated masses (educated in the more broader sense of being knowledgeable and responsible) would only lead to populism being the criteria to become an elected leader and not competence". His points are very valid to current state of Indian democracy as we have literate Indians but not educated (simply to say, a country with educated illiterates) which stopped us from growing economically like China (a non-democratic country), failing the real democracy. The reforms I proposed in education will counter the china's trade growth if we implement for next 30 years because our today's children will become youth and energetic mentally at that age. Also, topics like original Indian history, culture, social and economic policies of past and present can be educated to avoid future conflicts in the name of ideology and also to establish "Pure and parliamentary-based Democracy" with referendums when necessary, which can made inclusive if and only if people's participation in government policies can be direct. 

                   Not only that, it will eradicate caste-based reservations automatically that hampered India to globally secured (dominate). if required, reservation based on economy status can be brought in, which I think will also not be required if we follow the procedure I proposed here. Since, this helps us in providing quality education to those poor people from scheduled tribes and castes as well as other castes and religion who are under poverty line and particularly, middle-class community, on which Indian economy and growth are mostly relied on. If given a better education like this, people themselves will erase the differences based on social and economy.

                   During the same age/ time, if one is also motivated to play minimum one indoor game and an outdoor game. It will make him mentally and physically strong, which eventually will give fruits to INDIA in Olympics. Besides all these, this system will help the children to choose their own future career close to their heart instead of following others or being forced by parents. 

Corporate involvement to Implement these reforms:

                   To actively implement this education reforms, we can approach IT companies like TCS and INFOSYS which do conduct awareness programmes like "ToastMasters" through their charity works. Our government can sign an MOU with those companies in improving the primary education in rural areas. One can doubt its implementation. I confidently say that this is possible because these companies are regularly suffering from global recession (because of fluctuations in international markets). Hence, many of its employees are loosing their jobs because of share value crisis of these companies. However, we can develop invulnerable service sector if Government of INDIA can make an MOU with these corporate companies to improve our government schools in the fashion I proposed. Simply to say, those people who are on the edge of losing job can retain the job by working for these kinds of activities. His salary will be provided when involved in this mutual cooperation between government and company. This way we can improve our employment by recruiting more people into these corporate offices and thereby helping our country's education system. Truly speaking, this approach will also being core-branches of science and technology (like shipping, civil engineering, semiconductor industries etc.,) forward to country's development as one can start small units of excellence and manufacturing at every corner of the country with the support of these corporate biggies. Not only that, if core companies work for the country's development by undertaking special sessions in schools, it will quality of education and also enhance employment opportunities to increasing population of India. Already these kinds of strategies are employed in research sectors but not extended to a maximum. Hence, if we start these strategies, we can raise to a level where no one can reach. Shortly, I conclude by saying that "government and private (corporate) working in the above stated way" will provide fruitful results.


In employment, we can remove reservation because we provided quality education in the above mentioned manner. I believe if there is a healthy competition, corruption at all levels will be reduced and will also increase patriotism. This can also be hiked by implementing performance-based incentives even in government institutions which is currently the procedure in multi-national companies (MNCs). I heard already that this procedure is being discussed by present government under the leadership of eminent personality Mr. Narendra modi. I reinstated this method again in this document because it helps to reduce corruption and can increase patriotism. For example, if a person gets 45, 000/- salary in INDIA over USA's 1, 00, 000/- for the same job, he may prefer INDIA against USA because of the cost of living and relationships which is part of our culture. Also, we have premier institutions like IIT' s, IISER's, IIM's and NIT's etc., which produce every year 1000's of top class intellectuals but most of them are working for the welfare of foreign countries and private sectors in the name of lack of opportunities. To utilize their services, let us start a policy/pass an amendment which makes minimum three years contractual government services. If they wish, they can further continue in government sector with a permanent position or contractual position. For example, govt. of INDIA should start FAB cities for the development of semiconductor industry. They should recruit all the old faculties (even working people who are all above 50 years in age) of IIT's as directors of those FAB cities. Further, all the electrical engineers (BTech and MTech) from all IIT's should work for three years compulsorily in those FAB cities. All the PhD and MS degree holders should lead the teams, if capable over BTechs (BEs) or MTechs (MEs) or vice-versa. Also, we should start large number of production offices with local engineering college students but actively involved from those colleges should also promoted to research & design (R&D) level on par with IITians and NITians. So that, we can stop relying on japan, US and china for semiconductor components as we become independent. Initially, this idea may need huge investments but have a long run benefits as it can improve our employment conditions. Also, we will be forward in research because all old IIT faculties will be replaced with new generation faculties. Finally, we will be self-reliant if we extend the same idea to the development of biotechnology, pharma, business and many other sectors.

The following five Industries are to be setup in the above mentioned procedure and to be funded by government for 10 years. After this ample time, these industries should be self-reliant by that time and should return back the profits and fruits to the people of INDIA (both employment and education-wise)

·         Electronics/ Semiconductor Industry

·         Telecommunications Industry

·         Chemical, Biosciences (R&D) and biotechnology Industry

·         Civil engineering industry

·         Shipping/ Aeronautical/ Robotics/ Mechanical engineering industry

These above industries not only making INDIA self-reliant in defense and interior design of cities but also will improve living standards.

Especially, we lack expertise in home-built defense equipment (industries) because of present working culture of government R&Ds, to directly point out is our current recruitment culture of scientists. The procedure actually lead to such a situation where scientists are not ready to accept the changes as well as not supportive to younger generation and their youthful thoughts. Infact, I feel that if they work as our guides/teachers because their experience is a valuable gift for youth, and allow freedom, we will rapidly grow in a decade. Simply to say, we wish to work under their leadership and learn their experiences but not wished to work in old strategies. It is so because we are not in the era of gurukulas where the guruji's are extra-ordinary talented. Also these days, many of the old scientists are still occupying the highest positions in defense related science and technology but not able to make our INDIA self-sufficient and self-sustaining. So, I propose that a reform where each team will be led by an upcoming scientist and a senior-most as well. This makes our jobs easy because the upcoming scientist will have strength and energy to do the job where as senior-most scientist will have ideas and problem-solving experience.


All the core-engineering students like computers/IT, electronics and telecommunications, electronics and electrical engineering, electronics and instrumentation, mechanical, chemical, civil, materials and metallurgical, aeronautical, automobile, shipping, robotics and marine engineering from all corners of INDIA should register under the name ALL INDIA ENGINEERS GROUP. The government of INDIA should give projects along with initial funding to these groups. All the engineers of branch will be given only one project if they don’t have employment anywhere. They can work under this group for the people of this country. They will be paid by the government of INDIA directly. This kind of initiative should be taken by government. If one gets a project, he will not get another project until and unless every unemployed under that group gets the work. The work will be assigned based the talent and skills.

How to do modify textbooks or teaching culture to get fruits out of above approach?

I mentioned only upto 5th class more clearly above. Now, coming to higher school education (post 6th class) and latter studies, the following approaches may help better.

For example, if we teach history, we should teach INDIAN history upto 10th class as part of social studies and at higher level, along with it, international history too. History doesn't mean great ruling, it also includes administration, affection of king towards his people, construction of knowledge centers, conducting religious, political and knowledgeable debates, encouraging or demolishing other cultures/ religions and many more. Hence, we should prepare students with all the information about a king in all the above contexts. Then, we have to give or send them to field work at every stage regarding all those kings such that they can develop skills of management, patriotism, constructive approaches over destructive etc., Not only that, current Indian and international affairs and how these past approaches can be a solution to present problems and situations. For example, if a city is not well designed in the past due to which if we are not able to manage today's traffic, drainage systems, administration issues, cultural or religious issues, in that case the above way of preparation (how previous historical strategies) do help in finding answers, should be taught or expected at the end of the course. 

Similarly, coming to geography, climatic conditions, staple food, survival approaches in those situations etc. of all those places should be taught well such that in long run how to survive in those conditions if the present atmospheric situations go adverse or how to develop agriculture or generation of energy in those conditions etc. should be described. 

Similarly, Civics and Economic should be taught with field work. This helps them to find solutions in failed conditions. 

Similarly, physics, chemistry and biological sciences courses should be designed with more of practical classes related to those fundamental phenomena are taught. 

Even the examination papers should be designed with 50-75% field work output and their understanding and solution to a particular situation. Rest of the 25-50% examination should be theory.

This approach will finally make them self-reliant by the end of 10th class and 12th class such that they can make their careers according to their wish instead of parent's force and commercialization of education due to corporates in education sector.

Indeed, teaching of current affairs in the above manner will even give us good administrators in long-run making us a better economy and eventually peace and prosperity. Not only that, it will make us an ambassador of peace to the world countries in a much better shape than present.

Similarly how PhDs in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology do research against hypothetical situations with more of realistic situations, PhDs in history, civics, politics, economics, archeology etc. should also present couple of chapters about failed or successful of certain countries and how can be applied to Indian or any other economies. This way we can become self-reliant and self-sufficient with intellectuals, mitigation strategies etc. 

Finally I say, Solutions are more important than protests or political debates or black-mailing or blame-games or brain-washing future citizens or instilling fear them about their career. 

Note: Why I mentioned three year compulsory services is that:

In some of the countries, every citizen of those countries should work in military services. We INDIANS are not asked for doing anything compulsorily. Hence, we lack in patriotism and becoming day-by-day lazy. It is not ending with laziness, criticizing like pseudo-sickulars and pseudo-craaaps who don't bother about country and its future citizens.

Last but not least, I like to share one more idea regarding employment. Since, as I mentioned above the primary education is crucial for creating a responsible citizen. I wish that PhD students can be recruited as primary teachers for languages and even for every subject as per assistant professor (UGC norms). If they perform well, they can be promoted to senior assistant professors (+2 level), associate professors and professors (+3, Masters) etc. This increases the quality of education as the promotions are performance based.



Thanking you,


Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Madugula. Nrisimha Murty

Postdoctoral research associate

University of Central Florida

PhD (Physics), IIT Madras
Postdoc@TIFR, Mumbai