Tell to Remove Pro-Ana, Nazi chic & Sexist Merchandise

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Apparel sites unfortunately have been promoting and glorifying fashion's deadly diseases on young masses by providing platforms for ignorant individuals. Spreadshirt, a leading online platform that specializes in manufacturing designer-made goods is actually one of them.

The company is allowing its members to sell Pro-Eating Disorders goods, including T-shirts with phrases such as "Beautifully Bulimic", "Alluringly Anorexic", "Gracefully Gaunt", "Breathtakingly Bony", "Alzheimer Bulimie".

We are deeply disappointed to see such offensive listings by Spreadshirt because these are outright wrong. By keeping the t-shirts, Spreadshirt is playing a great role in trivializing the phsyological and physiological complications of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders.

Not only eating disorders are glamorized, yet we are disappointed to see Sexism & Misogyny merchandise on the virtual store spaces of Spreadshirt such as "Love - It's the OTHER Vagina", "Swallow,! OR IT'S GOING TO YOUR EYE", "WIFE - WASHING IRONING FUCKING ETC", "Condoms are for PUSSIES", "ENJOY VAGINA", "LOVE is anal sex", "DON'T TALK WITH YOUR MOUTH FULL".

Not to mention we could also find Nazi chic on Spreadshirt. Some Nazi chic t-shirt compares Stephen Harper (the Prime Minister of Canada) to Adolf Hitler in a rhyme sensation of “Ever Notice How Harper & Hitler Sound The Same?” is still not taken down. Spreadshirt is only trying to abide with their removal policy depending on the intensity of complaints about particular merchandise.

There is nothing ethical about wearing or carrying an item that symbolizes (even vaguely) the decades of struggles and pains of Holocaust victims and survivors. Nothing about mocking young people fighting against anorexia or bulimia either in the name of artwork either. There is nothing funny in promoting Sexist shirts.

Despite our complaints, Spreadshirt keeps the merchandise and allies with its designers. Please join us in asking Spreadshirt to remove these slogans and t-shirts from their site.

Tweet #spreadshit to @spreadshirt_de to help spread the message.

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