Uphold the ban on dog racing in South Africa

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The NSPCA calls upon all persons who are concerned about the moral fibre of society and are committed to a more humane, ethical and just South Africa. Join us in our objection to ruthless exploitation in the name of gambling. Make your voices heard and convince government NOT to legalise dog racing.


Great concern was expressed by Senior Inspector Jaco Pieterse, Manager of the NSPCA's Special Projects Unit, that government would even consider legalising greyhound racing in South Africa with their recent publication of the proposed Draft National Gambling Norms and Standards in the Government Gazette No 37653 of 23 May 2014.


Dog racing has been illegal in South Africa since 1949.


The NSPCA strongly opposes the legalisation of greyhound racing and is in the process of submitting a communication to the Director-General of Trade and Industry, advising of concerns and motivating that the ban on dog racing in South Africa is upheld.


Dog racing, including greyhound racing, involves many welfare problems which are inherent in other countries and are not limited to:


  • Lives of confinement, some being confined more than 20 hours per day

  • Lack of or inadequate medical/veterinary attention and treatment

  • Serious injuries which include broken legs, paralysis, head trauma and death from cardiac arrest

  • Continual breeding: - South Africa already having an overpopulation of dogs

  • Potential inhumane disposal of unsuitable, injured or "retired” dogs

  • Cruel and inhumane training methods, in some instances live animals are used

  • 50% of greyhounds are "disposed of” before they even reach the tracks.

  • Drugging of the dogs to hide injuries or to enhance performance

  • Excess dogs will be contributing to illegal hunting and poaching of our wildlife


"People must accept the fact that running and racing are two different things. Dog racers themselves will say greyhounds love to run, yet again their dogs are confined for most of their lives in small cages. Human athletes can decide whether or not to run with injuries or to take drugs, dogs cannot. South Africa already lacks proper law enforcement and is one of the countries with the highest crime rates,” said Senior Inspector Jaco Pieterse.


There is no African state where greyhound racing has been successful. South Africa should be moving forward in keeping the ban on dog racing.


Dog racing is not legal anywhere in Africa and is not a traditional African pastime. It is in decline even where it receives State subsidies such as in the USA, Australia and the United Kingdom.


By legalising dog racing you are condoning vast amounts of money being spent on gambling and animal cruelty rather than supporting family economics. 

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