Our children are forced to work when they should have at school

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In Bihar, marginalised sections of society are forced to send out their  children   to earn livelihood, and supplement family's income. According to the Census 2011 data, there are 10,88,509 child labourers in the state. A huge number of children are trafficked for cheap and forced labour  to other states. They work in hazardous occupations and processes which are  prohibited by laws. As young as 8 are sent out to work. Many of these children never come back to home, and  some of them who come back are  sick, and become burden on the families.   Majority of such children  belong to  Scheduled Castes. "why do children of Scheduled Castes go to work dropping  their education - one of their rights- even after 71 years of independence?"    A number of schemes are designed for rehabilitation of child labourers, but they fail to do so. In fact, no scheme can ever overcome the menace of child labour. However, It is quality school education that can  put an end to the problem of child labour.

 If their school education is taken care of  by the state without fail , children from marginalised sections  will be able to make a dignified livelihood and a contribution in nation building  when they grow up . Let us fight child labour through education.