Introduction of clear rules to allow using of Action Camera in India

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I ride motorcycle just like any other youth of this nation. I wear proper helmet, jacket, shoes, gloves almost everything to keep myself safe on my journey. But now a days there is a gadget that is being used my may bike rider i.e a small Camera. Popularly known as "Action Camera". It is used just like any other camera but a smaller size. 

This gadget is a life saver for lots of people as when a person is riding bike the camera records video so in case of any accident or any emergency such camera help is identifying culprits, it even makes police nervous even of thinking of asking for bribe as everything they say is on record,

but this camera is also a cause of harassment for many motorcycle riders as police and other law and order officers harass them in the name of any absence of law for using of action camera.

The use of action camera is promoted in various countries,in fact in United States of America,each and every police car have action camera fitted on the dash board (recent arrest of World Champion Tiger Woods was also caught on the action camera of police car),but in India, it is a endless debate topic.

Action camera have however been appreciated by many police officers but the numbers are far lesser. There are lots of videos on YouTube uploaded by fellow motorcycle riders who face problem and have arguments with police on this matter.

In fact there are many videos where police accepting the fact that using of Action Camera is a very good practice and are a medium of transparency in legal system. 

I also attaching a proof of how the rules are impartial for we as common citizen, you can see the new a towing van of Mumbai Traffic Police, they are using more than 1 action camera on their vehicle so as to record towing of the vehicle as a proof that they had parked on No parking or whatsoever was the reason for them to tow the vehicle, but when motorcycle riders use it, it is against the law or no such law exists, why such bullying?

(In the video check the top left and right side of the roof of towing van, you can see 1 camera on each side.)

Hence,it is a sincere request to Shri. Nitin Gadkari and Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad to please pass a law or any release in Official Gazette to legalize use of Action Camera and bring clarity to this issue.

If the law is passed or any notification in official Gazette is issued then it will stop the mental torture of police faced by innocent bike riders of our country.


Yours Sincerely,

Sagar Desai.