Make sure the Glenbog wombats did not die in vain; make it illegal to harm wildlife in logging operations.


The cruel, brutal killing of wombats in Glenbog State Forest became international news when they were buried alive by logging contractors. The loggers were  contracted to the Allied Natural Wood Exports woodchip mill at Eden.

Under NSW logging rules, there is no requirement to protect wombats and other forest dwelling creatures which are not (yet) officially listed as threatened species when their homes are logged.

Please ensure that the Glenbog wombats did not die in vain, by making a law to protect wombats and other non-listed species from logging. Please make it illegal to inflict cruelty, injury or death on these animals and ensure that offences are prosecuted and punished.

This petition will be delivered to:
  • Minister for Forestry
    Hon. Paul Toole, MP (Minister for Forestry)
  • Minister for the Environment, and Minister for Heritage
    Gabrielle Upton, MP
  • CEO Forestry Corporation of NSW
    Nick Roberts

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