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JAIL TIME for C. Neagoie - Mayor of Ionesti who SHOT DEAD his neighbor's dog . He MUST RESIGN NOW.

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To all Romanian authorities mentionned 

Tuturor autoritatilor romane mentionate

We are in total SHOCK after learning about the DESPICABLE act of pure SADISM committed by the Mayor of Ionesti - Valcea - the shooting dead from less than 2m away of his neighbor Silviu Popescu's dog. 

Suntem socati de actul de SADISM PUR comis de Primarul din Ionesti - Valcea, - impuscarea cu sange recem deliberata a catelusei vecinului sau Silviu Popescu

"SHOCKING : The Mayor NEAGOIE from Ionesti , shot and killed with unbelievable cruelty Journalist Silviu Popescu's dog.

Constantin Neagoie, the Mayor of the  Commune Ionesti , has become a criminal - dog killer.

The Baron from Ionesti, has committed yesterday, february 10,2014, in full daylight, a horrible act of cruelty : from less than 2 m ( 4 feet) with his huting riffle he shot Silviu Popescu" dog, a Siberian Husky.

The Mayor's neighbors , terrified, called 112 , and immediately a Police crew from the Fire Arms department came, and confiscated the  riffle from the criminal Mayor.

The Policeman started an investigation and penal charges have been filed.

Rferring to this abomination, Silviu Popescu, in total shock, said : " She was the best dog in the world, friendly and obedient. I loved her dearly. the Mayor Neagoie knew she was my dog, because we are neighbors. The snow which fell from the roof damaged the fence and she went out of my yard. She was on the street NOT in his yard, when the mayor came with his riffle and shot her in cold blood, from less than 2 m.I am totally terrified by this horrible act committed by Neagoie. People like him believe they are masters of the land, they defy the laws and the state. One can expect that tomorrow they will get their riffles and kill a person. This is Romania in the 21st century. I hope that the law enforcement agencies will do the right thing and will punish the criminal act committed by Constantin Neagoie"> said Silviu Popescu the owner of the dog.

The MAaor of Ionesti risks long years in prison. " Ziarul de Valcea" will monitor this case very closely, because we have received signals that there are tentatives to cover up this case. The Law enforcement agencies MUST apply the laws regarding of the status of the perpetrator. Thus we request from the Valcea County Police and Valcea Prefect to be totally transparent regadign this case and to apply the laws in force.

We ask from the Romanian authorities to charge him at the full extend of all Romanian laws in force which can be applied to this horrible situation. The Mayor should also be charged, based in the Law 9/2008, with the intentional killing of an animal.

Cerem ca institutiile statului care au ca atributii apararea legilor, sa prevada cele mai aspre pedepse din legislatia romana aplicabila actelor comise de primar, inclusiv Legea 9/2008 care pedepseste cu INCHISOARE, omorul cu intentie al animalelor.

Art. 6. - (1) In sensul prezentei legi, prin rau tratament se intelege comportamentul brutal, abuzul in utilizarea animalelor, supunerea animalelor la eforturi inutile, precum si neasigurarea conditiilor prevazute la art. 5 alin. (1).  ( vedeti aisi la litera F ) : " (2) In sensul prezentei legi, prin cruzime fata de animale se intelege:  a) omorarea animalelor, cu intentie;    18. La articolul 23, dupa alineatul (1) se introduce un nou alineat, alineatul (11), cu urmatorul cuprins:  "(11) Constituie infractiuni urmatoarele fapte:  c) faptele prevazute la art. 6;    20. La articolul 23, dupa alineatul (2) se introduce un nou alineat, alineatul (3), cu urmatorul cuprins:  "(3) Infractiunile prevazute la alin. (11) se sanctioneaza dupa cum urmeaza:  a) cele de la lit. a), cu inchisoare de la o luna la un an sau cu amenda penala de la 500 lei la 10.000 lei si confiscarea animalelor;  b) cele de la lit. b), cu inchisoare de la 3 luni la un an sau cu amenda penala de la 500 lei la 6.000 lei si confiscarea animalelor;  c) cele de la lit. c), cu inchisoare de la 6 luni la 3 ani sau cu amenda penala de la 1.000 lei la 10.000 lei si confiscarea animalelor; 

We hope that nobody is ABOVE the law in Romania, anymore and this is the moment for the Romanian authorities to prove to the entire world that Romania is indeed a STATE OF LAW. It is worrisome to see that Mayors, consider themselves " kings" and they can do whatever they want, with impunity. This MUST end, and it must end NOW>

Speram ca, totusi, nimeni nu este mai presus de lege in Romania, si acum este momentul ca autoritatile romane sa dovedeasca lumii intregi ca Romania este un Stat de Drept. Este foarte ingrijorator faptul  ca multi primari se considera domni pe mosia personala si pot face ce vor . 

We ask for JAIL TIME for Constantin Neagoie and for his immediate resignation as Mayor of Ionesti.

Cerem pedoapsa cu inchisoare pentru Constantin Neagoie si demisia imediata din functia de primar al comunei Ionesti.

Thank you

Multumim pentru atentie 


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