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Petitioning Mr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

Stop Killing Bangladeshis at Borders by Indian Border Security Force (BSF)


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

Killing and torture of Bangladeshis by BSF is still continuing. The parliamentary standing committee on foreign affairs last month noted 141 such deaths in the past three years by Indian border guards. We strongly condemn the killings of Bangladeshis by the border guards of India. If a Bangladeshi does anything illegal, there are laws with which to judge them. But the Indian forces has long preferred taking the law in their own hands. Over 900 Bangladeshi nationals have reportedly been killed by the BSF over the last decade, in several of which cases it was obvious that the hapless Bangladeshi nationals were injured or killed from indiscriminate firing from across the border. The Indian government should prosecute BSF soldiers and officers responsible for these serious human rights abuses.

We are requesting you to take immediate actions to prevent such brutality of BSF to Bangladeshi citizens at the borders.

Yours sincerely
All civilized people of India

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  • Mr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister of India

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