Tell USDA APHIS Administrator Mr. Kevin Shea To Stop Violating "Public's Right To Know"

Tell USDA APHIS Administrator Mr. Kevin Shea To Stop Violating "Public's Right To Know"

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Within 24 hours of “Big Lick”  TWH “Gen’s Black Maverick” winning the 2017 Tennessee Walking Horse World Grand Championship on Sep. 2, 2017,  Trainer Mr. Bill Callaway began serving a USDA Federal Suspension for alleged Horse "SORING".

The alleged Animal Cruelty was committed on Aug. 27, 2016 at the TWH Super Bowl a/k/a "TWH National Celebration".  The identity of the TWH Horse allegedly “SORED” was not known.


On Sep. 5, 2017, the shocking story was broken  by BillyGoBoy.Com website publication in this article:

The “SORING CONTROVERSY” was also reported on Channel 5 - TV (CBS) in Nashville, TN, and other media outlets:

On Sep. 7, 2017,   BillyGoBoy.Com asked USDA APHIS to provide the Horse Protection Act (HPA) Violation Citation Document (Aug. 27, 2016) of the unidentified TWH citing "Urgent - Breaking News Story".    

The USDA APHIS Public Affairs Office refused to do so. It told BillyGoBoy.Com publisher to file a Freedom on Information Act (FOIA) request asking for the information.

On Sep. 8, 2017:  BillyGoBoy.Com filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with USDA APHIS asking for the specific HPA Violation Citation document (Aug. 27, 2016), and other related documents.

On October 16, 2017,  BillyGoBoy.Com learned that the allegedly “SORE” TWH was 2017 WGC “Gen’s Black Maverick” trained by Mr. Bill Callaway, and that the two Owners of “Gen’s Black Maverick”,  on Sep. 26, 2017,  had agreed to a Consent Decision Order to serve USDA Federal Suspensions,  and to pay fines related to the alleged “SORING” of “Gen’s Black Maverick” at the TWH Super Bowl on Aug. 27, 2016.

This article was published on October 16, 2017:

On November 13, 2017,   after stalling for 66 days,  the USDA APHIS advised BillyGoBoy.Com it would NOT provide HPA Violation Citation Document showing the alleged "SORING" of TWH "Gen's Black Maverick" at the 2016 TWH Super Bowl (Celebration).

On Nov. 17, 2017:   BillyGoBoy.Com filed a FOIA APPEAL with USDA APHIS requesting the alleged "SORING" document.  The USDA APHIS has 20 business days to respond to the APPEAL.

 If the USDA APHIS doesn’t provide the requested documents on or before Monday, Dec. 18, 2017,  the BillyGoBoy.Com Publisher will file a Complaint in United States District Court against the USDA APHIS to obtain the requested information.

 “We are prepared to take this wherever it leads,” said Clant M. Seay, Publisher of BillyGoboy.Com website publication.   The public’s right to know, as provided by the First Amendment (Freedom of the Press) to the U. S. Constitution,  is paramount and sacred."

 Please urge USDA APHIS officials to honor the  “Public’s Right To Know” under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,  and to provide the requested documents to BillyGoBoy.Com website publication.

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