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Stop Removal of Cartoons from NCERT Textbooks

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The government wants to ban all cartoons and caricatures in the NCERT Political Science textbooks. These cartoons make books interesting for students as they portray public opinion on political shifts. Besides, they offer perspectives which are different from the linear view of political history. 

Does the government truly believe that cartoons in textbooks are affecting 'impressionable young minds' more than exposure to the blatant corruption in the Indian system, the progressively deteriorating law and order, and the precarious condition of the economy? 


Do they believe that students do not have the right to political opinions?

The government is violating the Fundamental Right to Freedom of Expression by trying to censor these cartoons. They claim that these cartoons hurt the sentiments of various communities. How have these issues not been raised since 2006 (when the books were first published)?  

We love the cartoons in our books, and we, as students, want them to stay. We believe that non-academics have no right to decide what is good or bad for students.  
- Harnidh Kaur (Campaign Manager)



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