Save Indonesian children, ban the use of lead paint!

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“There’s only one chance for children's brain development, and it is irreversible” - Prof. Phillip Grandjean, Harvard University of Public School.

When I heard that statement, the face of my 2.5 years old grandson came to my mind. He, and 23 million other Indonesian children, are in danger of toxic chemicals. However, no one realizes that. 

Lead is a hazardous and toxic chemical, named as one of the causes of the reduction of childrens’ intelligence. However, currently it is still used as the basic material of enamel paint (ironwood paints, oil-soluble) that gives bright colors such as yellow, red and green.

Those colors are often used to color children’s playgrounds. Thus, unconsciously we have been letting our children consume lead, especially when they touch the playgrounds and touch their faces without washing their hands.

Indonesia has signed an international agreement to decrease lead usage on paints, the SAICM (Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management). In this agreement, Indonesia agreed to ban the use of lead on paints by 2020.

However, Nexus3 Foundation did a research and found out that Indonesian paints are still containing up to 10.000 ppm of lead, far above the agreed international standard, which is 90 ppm. 

Hence, Mr President Joko Widodo, I would like to ask you to make a regulation to ban the use of lead as a basic material for paints. If the president has made the regulation, other ministries and the paint industry can adjust their policies accordingly.

My grandson, along with Mr President’s four grandchildren, are the future of our country. We couldn’t put their future at stake due to a lack of regulation that controls the usage of toxic chemicals. 


Yuyun Ismawati