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Include Ms. Olympia Bodybuilding to the 2015

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This is an open letter to the International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) requesting that President Jim Manion consider including Ms. Olympia Bodybuilding to the 2015 lineup as part of the tradition to set the world wide standard for female bodybuilders.

Prior to 1977 bodybuilding was strictly a male dominated sport. The first Ms.Olympia bodybuilding contest was held in 1980. Female bodybuilding was the first category to be included for women to compete in. Bodybuilding for women has undergone much transformation and growth, literally and figuratively. Over the thirty years, the IFBB has split into four additional divisions for women to choose from; fitness, figure, bikini, and most recently physique. This has been incredibly inclusive for women of all sizes to have a place to fit in and compete.

This petition is truly to give voice to the women who desire to push their bodies to the max and desire to compete at the highest level along with the other elite athletes at the prestigious Olympia contest. As long as there are women and fans who pledge their support and dedication, let there be a place for these women to compete. A stage to show their bodies, hard work, sacrifice, determination, & dedication.

To continue the IFBB tradition of providing a platform for all women to compete, the addition of female bodybuilding is proposed to the 2015 Olympia contest, as it has been tradition for the past thirty plus years. This would allow aspiring amateurs and current IFBB professional female athletes a division of their own; a place for those who desire extreme conditioning, vascularity, size, or for those who cannot “downsize” for women's physique division due to muscle maturity and/or genetically larger physiques.

Please consider signing this petition as an act of supporting the women's equal right to compete and show the world her extraordinary building of one's body.

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