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Petitioning CEO Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) Mr Jamartin Sihite

Mr Jamartin Sihite CEO of BOSF (Borneo Orangutan Survivial Foundation): To rescue Orangutan Gundul who lives on a pile of garbage in Borneo

Say “Hello” to “Gundul”. She lives on a pile of garbage beside a goat pen. Day and night, in all weathers, this is her only life 24/7. When it rains she has no choice but to sit or sleep in the mud and her own urine and faeces: Think about that for a moment.

Her only protection from the weather is a black trash bag to place over her own head. If you are familiar with tropical storms you will know all about thunder, lightening and rain. Gundul faces all this, alone, especially at night: Think about that for a moment. Pitch dark, torrential rain, thunder and lightning and she is there all alone and this could be a daily occurrence during the long rainy season.

It has been 20 years since she was taken from her slaughtered mother. Gundul has not seen another orangutan for 20 years: Why not take some time and think about this as well?

She is now 21 years-old and held by an old man since 1990 in Samarinda on the east coast of Borneo. When she was a baby, Gundul was free to go everywhere; even the old man let her around his house. However, when she grew up, Gundul’s strength and frustrations became a threat to the owner, so she was placed inside a cage. As Gundul could not be kept in a cage anymore, because she was able to destroy the wooden cage. So she was tied up at her neck by chains, and the chains are tied up to a tree.

Despite everything Gundul is a gentle and seemingly forgiving orangutan. Her future, though, is uncertain. Will BOSF abandon Gundul the way they abandoned Rambo before he died? The only certainty is, Gundul will not be helped unless YOU do something to help her.

Despite at least six personal attempts to persuade the CEO of nearby Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation to rescue Gundul, he/they have never once replied. No answer, no explanation; nothing. What do you think about BOSF? If you would like to have Gundul saved, the person to write to is: Jamartin Sihite, CEO, BOSF,;;;




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