Help us slow down traffic on Young Meadows Road and improve the safety of our neighborhood


Help us slow down traffic on Young Meadows Road and improve the safety of our neighborhood

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City Councilor, District 8 -Mr. Glen Pruitt and

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Started by Jeanette Tartaglia

Somerhill is a peaceful, family friendly neighborhood on the East side of town with a diverse community comprised of families with young children, senior citizens, active duty and retired military members.

Young Meadows Road runs through the middle of Somerhill neighborhood and in front of our main public open outdoor recreation area where neighbors can go fishing or take their children and pets for walks and enjoy the outdoors.  Unfortunately, many people from outside our community use this road as a pass through from Vaughn Road to Bell Road; frequently speeding and passing each other as if this was a four lane road. To make matters worse; several of the light posts in this street had been knocked down by drunk drivers and others speeding though our neighborhood; leaving some parts of the road in complete darkness which leads to increase crime.   The poor visibility can cause more accidents and the possibility of someone getting run over while trying to cross the road from one side of the neighborhood to the other.

The most recent incident occurred on the night of November 26, 2021 when an individual driving on Young Meadows Road; left the road, drove over the sidewalk, through part of a private yard, and crashed into the Berrydale Pod sign; completely destroying it. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured or killed.

This situation is dangerous not only to our community members but to anyone traveling on Young Meadows Road.

In order to create a safe environment for the members of our neighborhood and all citizens who utilize this road we are petitioning the city of Montgomery to take the following measures to help slow down drivers:

-LINE STRIPING YOUNG MEADOWS ROAD.  It is well known that well-defined road lanes, crosswalks and stop signs ensure that drivers and pedestrians watch out for each other and each can reach their destination without incident.

-INSTALL STOP SIGNS ON YOUNG MEADOWS.  Install at least two strategically placed stop signs with their corresponding painted lines and ensure that they are well lit so they can be seen from a distance.

Even though Stop lines don't help improve driver safety, studies have shown that they are moderately effective at slowing drivers down. 

-INSTALL CROSS WALK ON YOUNG MEADOWS.  As Young Meadows Road runs right in the middle of Somerhill neighborhood; many residents cross this main road to get from one side of the neighborhood to the other; it will increase their safety it they were able to have well-lit and clearly marked cross walks to get across this main road.

-INSTALL MORE STREET LIGHTING ON YOUNG MEADOWS to improve safety by allowing pedestrians and motorists to see each other.  As Young Meadows is a wide street; two-sided lighting should be considered along this road, and it is especially important to provide lighting at the crossings and stop signs.



This petition made change with 148 supporters!

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