get our case dismissed/stop mandatory sentencing/stop wasting tax payers money

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get our case dismissed/stop mandatory sentencing/stop wasting tax payers money

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My son and I were indicted in the state of California by the federal government for growing a completely legal marijuana collective. We are facing 20 years in prison for me and 15 years for my son. They offered us a plea "bargain" of 5 years for my son and 7.5 years for me. We would have to plead guilty to things we didn't do, take a felony, give up our right to appeal, give up our right to vote, and give up my family home of 23 years where I, as a single Mother raised my two children without child support or government assistance.

Our Attorney General, Eric Holder Jr and the Dept. of Justice made statements last August stating they were not going to prosecute people growing a medicinal marijuana garden in a legal state that were complying with state and county laws, and were victimless and non-violent with no prior offenses.  He went on to say that federal prisons were 40% over crowded and they were going to chnge the way they do things.

AUSA Ben Wagner and Mike Beckwith of the Eastern District of California are ignoring that statement and coming after us with a vengeance with trumped up charges that have no validity or truth. We cannot go to trial as even though we were totally compliant and "legal" because "medical marijuana" defense is not allowed in federal court. I am told they want my beautiful land. It's a "legal" land grab and I use the word "legal" loosely.  Like the federal officers said repeatedly when they raided us, "we're the feds, we do what we want".

When my first child was dying of cancer, his oncologist taught me how to make medicinal marijuana butter for him to ease his pain, his nausea and allow him to eat. I became a believer. He died in my arms at age nine.

We are honest, kind, caring, law abiding, tax paying citizens that are being railroaded. It is a David and Goliath situation but as we all know, David won, despite all of the odds against him.  Please help us do that. We need all of the help we can get. We have public defenders and if we get the continuance we are seeking, we need to hire effective attorneys.

We also need to ask President Obama and Attn General Eric Holder to expedite the rescheduling of marijuana from a Schedule I narcotic. At this time, marijuana is considered on the same level as heroin. Meth is not even a Schedule I drug and I feel meth is the bane of our society. We are under the proverbial gun timewise, so "time is of the essence" for them to make these changes.

I wanted to let all of you kind supporters know that we were given a continuance yesterday the 31st of January in the 11th hour because my son dimsissed his public defender. We go back to court on 2/6/14 to schedule a new trial date.  We are trying to raise funds for decent representation and not public defenders. We need a Miracle/Divine Intervetion at this point. We are very scared. This link is to an article written in the US Observer last March. Although it is old, it gives more details about our case. If anyone out there has any influence with President Obama and or Eric Holder, please ask them to help us..


Thank you and God Bless


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