Mr Coleman is a really amazing person. Join to support his honor!

Mr Coleman is a really amazing person. Join to support his honor!

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For everyone that is unclear of the of these posts and petition .

On Wednesday, October 6, 2021 Mr. Coleman was removed from his position in 5 corners by the Brentwood School Superintendent and School Board based on “allegations” of harassing and belittling students. He was essentially proven guilty without proof or a trial and punished by removing him from his job.

The petition and outcry are to restore him to his position at the Brentwood High School and clear his reputation.

Since this September there have been over 10 violent fights leading to a teacher being physically assaulted as well as students being injured and dangerous conditions in the school. Some issues have resulted in death threats and weapons being used in the community. There have also been tremendous disagreement on the School Board’s adopted
Dress Code as well as major
shortages in lunches for student. The Superintendent and School Board have blamed Mr. Coleman for morale issues in the building rather than their own inability to provide proper staffing of district including district Administrators, Deans, Teachers and resources at the high school or schedules that allow all students to be afforded a lunch period.

Many students especially 10th graders are struggling with being back in school and having structure in an overcrowded environment with little support.

Social media post from a parents page on Facebook and student protests about the dress code have focused on Mr. Coleman as abusing his power and creating the issues the building is facing. Many stories misrepresent the facts and some are out right fabrications. On Facebook there have been few if any first person dealings with Coleman. Mostly opinions of adults about what people have heard.

While social media is by no means a true gauge of a persons character. Instagram is driven predominantly by students and recent graduates. In reading testimonials and support statements on that platform it is clear that while holding students accountable he also is respected and appreciated by students that have been subject to discipline and consequences as well as high performing students needing very little intervention. On this platform there are almost 1,500 ALLEGATIONS of positive impacts He has made.

Mr. Coleman has spent his entire life and career in Brentwood trying to maintain the outstanding education and students that have always separated if from many other areas considered similar.

Mr. Coleman is in charge of discipline in the Ross building and holds everyone accountable to the districts code of conduct. This alone puts him in a place to be at odds with students and parents that disagree with long established District Policies He has spent the past 5 years at the high school and 22 years as a teacher and administrator providing structure, stability support and counsel to thousands of students regardless of race, orientation, affiliation or stays in the community.

Please show your support bu signing this petition to restore Mr. Coleman’s reputation and position in 5 Corners.

OCTOBER 7, 2021….

Brentwood parents and students need to join forces and stand together in support of the best assistant principal Brentwood has. We have his back, he has helped hundreds of kids in so many ways!!! Mr Coleman has a passion to help all his students and we need to gather, organize and show support. Please sign this petition and share your support for a man who has shown his sincere and concern of all students. This man deserves to be honored and respected!!! Please sign and forward this petition and use #supportmrcoleman…, we can’t sit back and allow people to discredit him. Please show support. We need to show power in numbers. There are so many people who know just how good he is. Please sign, share and keep the positive feedback flowing. We have voices and votes. 

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!