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Mr. Chen Wu please END DOG MEAT in Guanxi Province

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Dear Mr. Chen Wu,

China is believed to kill more than 10 million dogs for human consumption annually nationwide. And while there are thousands of dog markets and slaughterhouses, the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, launched in 2010, has come to represent the horrific cruelty of the dog meat trade throughout the entire country.

The "Festival" was started by the dog meat traders to increase dog meat sales in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Local Yulin officials originally endorsed the event hoping to increase tourism. However, it became a PR disaster, garnering domestic and international disapproval. Now they just turn a blind eye and do nothing to stop it. 

The festival begins every year at the start of the summer solstice, June 21/22, and is a living nightmare for the animals. Their suffering starts as soon as they are grabbed off the streets or from their own backyards, viciously crammed into wire cages and piled onto trucks where they will be driven for days or weeks, coming from as far as Changchun in Northern China thousands of miles away from Yulin.

They are denied food, water and shade from the beating summer sun.  The poor dogs stacked at the bottom of the truck are covered in urine and feces and many die of suffocation.  While the ones on top often die from dehydration or heatstroke. The dogs also suffer from broken bones or deep cuts from being thrown on to and off of the trucks. 

By the time dogs reach their destination majority of them will have distemper, parvo, influenza, worms, and massive infections. Where they receive no care and then are brutally beaten before they are ultimately slaughtered. 

Please consider putting an end to this unnecessary brutality. Dogs are our companions, they are "man's best friend", they are used to guide the blind and to help children with Autism. They protect our soldiers in battle and comfort them when they return home with PTSD. We have police dogs, emotional support dogs, dogs that can detect cancer and save humans out of burning buildings. 

Governor Chen Wu we beg of you to protect these precious souls and END DOG MEAT in Guanxi Province. Setting an example for the rest of your country. 


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