Release Alaa Yasin from Detention!

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I sponsored Alaa Yasin, a Palestinian student in his 20s, when he first came to the US. I helped this bright, eager young man find his way and acclimate, and he quickly won my heart. He is like a son to me. I am very sad to report that Alaa has now been in immigration detention in Georgia for over 7 months, all for the “crime” of helping out at his uncle’s pizza shop after school. His uncle allowed him to keep his tips, and for this, he has been accused of working without authorization on a student visa.

This is not how detention is supposed to work. Those who don't present a danger of flight, violence, terrorism or spreading of infectious disease are supposed to be released after 180 days if ICE doesn’t have a clear, actionable deportation plan in place for them. ICE will certainly not be sending Alaa home any time soon. That’s because, according to US law, Alaa has no home to be deported to. Palestine is not recognized by the US as a country, so he is stateless, and living in an endless limbo that is taking a toll on him physically, mentally and emotionally.

Alaa loves the US. He would like nothing more than to be able to continue living here with his extended family, and studying English. But at this point, he would also be willing to return to Palestine, where his parents still live. Anything for his freedom.

Unfortunately, Alaa is feeling like, because of his Palestinian origin, his detainment may just go on forever. He has been very patient with ICE, but is getting depressed and tired. He has caused no trouble during his detention. As of April 17th, 2016, he has gone on a hunger strike in an effort to move ICE to take action.

All Alaa asks is that ICE just give him a date, be it for deportation or release. Please join me in calling on ICE to do the right thing and end this insufferable limbo for Alaa Yasin. Call on them to make a decision either way, and end his detainment.

Thank you.

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