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Submission of Complaint regarding Human Rights Violations in India of Muslims of Uttarpradesh Western UP from last three months in Anti-Muslim Violence and subsequent migration of Muslims from 192 villages to Refugee Camps of Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts.This is in anticipation of getting relief from your office as our human right.I on behalf of hundred thousand refugee Victims of Violence in Western Uttarpradesh on 7th sep'13 resulting in 59 deaths officially and several hundred unofficially submit before you a plea for getting help and Justice.

Please read these articles to fully understand what has happened and is still continuing even after three months have passed.The Victims are surviving under pathetic conditions with no where to go.The state government and the federal government have virtually declared total shut down for any relief to Muslims.The Army was sent to Muslim villages to permanently evacuate them and throw them in camps run by Muslims on community basis.The relief of 5 lakh [90 crores] announced for victims is not a relief but worse than the killings of their dear ones as this has been done with a design to permanently rob them of their houses/properties in their villages.

Their Identities and citizenship have been snatched in their own country not by accident but by the government which is doing all this in the name of relief.Winter has already preyed 50 babies in camps under open skies,many aged and women particularly have too died in camps.The state government is doing all to even stop the community in helping these helpless victims of state fascism and Anti-Muslim policy in operation.The state Ministers are patronizing Land Mafia's to take over Muslim properties at a very cheap rates.The losses of Muslims only in one village [LISARH] calculated by this writer is not less than 350 crores.

There are 192 villages from where Muslims have migrated permanently and state government and their Ministers in alliance with Land Mafias are eyeing Muslim properties of these villages for a penny.The total loss of over hundred thousand refugees who have been forced to migrate in camps of Western Uttarpradesh out of the real threat to their lives is mind boggling.This writer with his knowledge of the value of fertile land and real estate prices around 150-200 km from Delhi has the figure close o 10,000 crores which this land mafia and Ministers of the Yadav government are eyeing on.The UP government is trying to settle the entire encroachment in a legal way by giving 90 crores [5lakh each to 1800 victims] to take away properties worth 10,000 crores.

The option for these Victims who refuse to go back to villages for obvious reasons is to either accept 5 lakh and forget about their properties in villages,sell them at the rates offered or let them be encroached with out getting a penny ?

I hope the lawyers particularly Asad Hayat and his associates would look in to the matter regarding this criminal conspiracy and procure relief by getting the clauses in the affidavits signed by the victims deleted.

In last I would appeal to donate directly as much to those in camps or anywhere who are the victims of this conspiracy. Please also donate for legal expenses,as dedicated activist are singly waging legal war in local police station to Supreme Court of India .50 Muslims killed during the carnage apart the official 59 have been not registered by local police and administrations as communal murders,to deny their families a compensation of 15 lakh each announced for such deaths by the government.

The team of lawyers is specifically with limited sources is doing this herculean task of collecting evidence and keeping the families of the victims in good state of mind to have faith in our legal justice system to get justice.The same team is providing all the legal help to the victim in dealing with communal administration and police.Cases have been filed the system is slow but we have faith in the Judiciary and Inshallah we will get Justice and also get the guilty conspirators punished.

We should learn our lesson from leaving everything on Brahman Individuals embedded with communal political parties in the matter of Gujarat Godhra Pogrom and Zakia Jaafri case,Mr.Narendra Modi and whole lot of political leadership from a former home-minister to former Prime-Minister have escaped from the clutches of the law of the land as in hundereds of cases filed in police stations of Gujarat not even a single had the Conspiracy angle from the day one. Inshallah this time it should not happen with Advocate Asad Hayat directly taking charge at ground Zero and has filed the Conspiracy case.Please pray for his safety and good health and also for all those who are fighting for justice.

Kind Regards
Sohail Siddiqui

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