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Please drop the bail-in clause of FRDI Bill 2017. It is not welcome by the depositors.

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The small savings of the lower/middle class and also marginal families is in banks either in saving accounts, RDs or in FDs. Even though  the returns are low, the easy liquidity attracts such depositors and even senior citizens who do not intend to take risk but want to keep the liquidity. With jan dhan yojana the numbers has increased. The Govt has done somne good job in financial sector but the FRDI Bill 2017 is in the opposite direction to what the people at large will expect from the Goverment.

The matter of converting the deposits into shares in case of distress of the banks will see flight of deposits to bullion market.

Please think better solutions for recovery of NPAs of Banks and avoiding collapse of banking systems.

Supporting bad decision of bank managers, in-competency of Reserve Bank to check health of banks in time, creation of large NPAs while secretively hiding the names of defaulters, delay in action against defaulters (many big houses which boast of billionaires in their linage have links to defaulter companies) are all against public policy. The current FRDI Bill 2017 is in contravention of public policy. 

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