Beauty Salon/Spa suffers due to GST - Reduce it!


Beauty Salon/Spa suffers due to GST - Reduce it!

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Searchsalonindia Mumbai started this petition to Arun Jaitley (Finance Minister)

The currect applicable rates is 18% under GST rule is as follows:

SAC Code 999721 for hairdressing and barbers services.

SAC Code 999722 for cosmetic treatment (including cosmetic/plastic surgery), manicuring and pedicuring services.

SAC Code 999729 for All other beauty treatment services.

Whereas the earlier VAT was only 14% that brings us automatically an increase of 4% 

Plus the GST rates for Cosmetics is 28%

This has hit the salon/spa services badly and the business has reduced tremendously. 

The Salon/spa needs to purchase these cosmetics to perform various types of services in their business. The Owners are suffering to the core due to these heavy levies by the current GST rules. The prospective clients compare the earlier rates and the current charged rates and do not come forward to visit the beauty salons/spas.

Over and above the freelancers who have not invested any money in business purchase from small manufactures with/without GST and perform their services from house to house killing the existing business of the salon/spa owners.

Projections in Crores of Beauty Industry are as follows:

2016    81,100

2017    83,210

2018    85,170

This projections are before the GST was implemented. 

With this petition we would like to bring the kind attention of the GST council to amend the existing services rates for the Beauty Industry and bring it to the bare minimum looking at the promising figures mentioned above.

The cosmetics GST rates should be bifurcated in terms of Imported, Indigneous manufacturer, chemical, ayurvedic, Herbal....etc.

We talk about Women Empowerment, so this is it!

This industry belongs to the Women of India. Of the Women, For the Women.

Beauty industry covers beauty products, establishment of beauty parlors, salons, wellness center etc. Salons or parlors are definitely a promising business with plenty of opportunities in India, especially for Women Entrepreneurs who play a major role in this Indusry

We AIHBA (All India Hair & Beauty Association - Delhi) supported by CHAPTERS IN AIHBA DELHI, AIHBA GUJARAT, AIHBA MADHYA PRADESH, AIHBA ODISHA, AIHBA KARNATAK, AIHBA WEST BENGAL, AIHBA TAMILNADU, in INDIA, and members of AIHBA CENTREAL EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, MHBA (Maharashtra Hair & Beauty Association-Mumbai) HBO (Hair & Beauty Organisation-Rajasthan)PRO-HBO (Professional Hair & Beauty Organisation -Pune) Search Salon India - Mumbai Appeal to the Finance Ministry to reduce the GST rates from 18% to 5% to save the Beauty Industry.



This petition made change with 788 supporters!

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