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My name is Maddison Brett. I am 15 years old; I’ve lived in Bali for 5 years now. I participate in Green Super Camp twice a year and for the adventure day; we have to go to Bali Zoo.

I was shocked when we first arrived at Bali Zoo, we got to do activities that other tourists couldn’t, for example, doing a treasure hunt around the back of the zoo where tourists are not permitted. During the treasure hunt, I saw cages on the muddy floor with dirty blankets over the top of them, I wondered what was in them and pulled the blanket off, I saw 5 small dirty tiger cubs, in less than a meter squared cage, crying and yelping. They looked so sad and I realized I couldn’t do anything about it.

Some of the staff live behind the zoo and animals are caged up outside of their rooms. That’s not the only thing, when I did the tour around the Zoo; I saw the pain in all of the animal’s eyes. Their enclosures were small and dirty; some animals did not have any company, or anything to entertain themselves with, they were obviously bored.

There was also one more that brought tears to my eyes, the orangutan, Jacky. Jacky is a large male Sumatran orangutan that lives in a concrete enclosure by himself. Jacky spends his days sitting in the corner of his enclosure, staring at the wall. Loud tourists usually come past and yell at him to make him do something, Jacky starts to feel threatened and throws anything he can find at them. There are warning signs in front of his enclosure about this. A lady from Australia saw this and felt the same way I did, she decided to start up a project to help Jacky, and his enclosure renovations started in September and are almost finished. He now has obstacles to climb and swing on, he seems much happier.

There are animals at the zoo that need our help. We all hate seeing animals in pain. Please put a stop to this, if Bali Zoo can’t make natural and decent enclosures, they shouldn’t have a license to keep wild animals like that.

Letter to
Bali Mr. Anak Agung Gde Putra
Bali Zoo: Make the animal enclosures humane!

The enclosures in your zoo are not suitable for the animals that you keep captive. Wild animals need freedom, which means you need to make their enclosures bigger. But its not just that, they need activities/obstacles to occupy themselves with, Its easy to see that your animals are bored. On your website, it mentions this...

"It was created foremost out of his love for animals followed by a desire to conserve and protect various Indonesian fauna and a wish to provide the public with means to share in this wonderful experience for locals and tourists alike. All within a well designed space of natural beauty that is also distinctly Balinese."

Your love for animals? Desire to conserve and protect various Indonesian fauna? It doesn't seem like it, they're suffering. You need to change this! It also mentions about making the zoo Balinese-like? Sure, it probably was Balinese-like when it first opened, but now, it just looks run down. You need to maintain the zoo better also.

By doing this, i can guarantee that you will be getting more customers.

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