MPs to call by-elections if they leave their party. End #VoteTheft

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This week has seen MPs from both Labour and the Conservatives leave their parties to stand as Independent MPs - calling themselves the Independent Group. More could join them soon.

In 2017, the 11 MPs who have joined The Independent Group were all elected on their parties’ tickets. Many of their constituents will have cast their ballot for these MPs in a show of support for their Party, its policies and its leadership.

These MPs should call a by-election in their constituencies so the people they represent have a say - either confirming this MP should to continue as an independent or  selecting a new Member of Parliament who better represents their community. Please help by signing this petition.

I’m someone who believes in democracy in Britain. It is important that MPs have a mandate. If we don’t make this happen, we could see our political system slowly corrupt. Politicians could get the support they need from parties to get elected and then just leave. How can voters trust them or know what they represent?

It is only fair to the constituents they represent.

End the #VoteTheft