Demand 6 months visa-free tourism in the EU for Brits

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There are no fewer than 56 different nationalities that can travel to the UK for up to six months tourism without needing a visa – including ones as diverse as Paraguay, Namibia and Vanuatu!

A similar arrangement has been extended to EU citizens after the transition period. However, this should have only been in return for equal rights for UK tourists to travel for up to six months to EU countries without requiring a visa. Otherwise, we are restricted to only 90 days in any 180.

Since the EU as a whole appears unwilling to agree to this, we should only offer to individual EU countries what they are willing to offer us. Reciprocal arrangements with each country now appear to be the only alternative to an EU-wide agreement.

This is an issue which should unite both Brexit supporters and those in favour of remaining in the EU, since it concerns fairness and reciprocity. Fairdeal4Brits!