Students attending Demonstrations schools in Ontario need to return for another year

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Provincial Demonstration Schools in Ontario provide desperately needed educational programs/services for students with learning disabilities requiring intensive support with reading. Students are finally given access to the education which they are entitled in an environment in which they thrive.
Due to the Pandemic, the 2019/20 school year was cut short. 3 months of intensive learning have been lost & cannot be provided anywhere else. Let the Ontario Legislative Assembly know that these students need to return for another year.
Applications for acceptance have been mailed for a new class so a plan of action needs to be formed to accommodate the extra demand on school resources.
We the undersigned, (Demonstration School parent councils), on behalf of students, parents and interested parties, petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:
(a) allow the 2019/20 students of the Demonstration Schools return to their respective residential school programs which were closed due to the Pandemic.
(b) add the extra resources, funding & probable portable accommodations to ensure that new students as well as returning students are accommodated.