#MPMCchallenge politicians to become motorcyclists and promote road safety

#MPMCchallenge politicians to become motorcyclists and promote road safety

8 July 2016
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Started by Jeff Frampton

Dear Hon. Minister for Transport / Road Safety

We invite you to join our motorcycling community and represent our unique views on improving road safety in Australia.

Last year, 20% of road fatalities were motorcyclists despite representing just 4.5% of registered motor vehicles (BITRE and ABS 2015).  Motorcyclists are an overlooked minority of road users that is overrepresented in road accident statistics.  

Road safety for motorcyclists is unique to any other road user; as supported by the Austroads study that:  “motorcycles should be identified as an individual road user group and considered as a ‘design vehicle’ during road design and asset management and maintenance practices” (Austroads 2016).

We are more than a minority and we are more than a statistic; and to prove this we need you to become one of us to make motorcycling safer.

Please participate in the ‘Members of Parliament Motorcycle Challenge’ #MPMCchallenge.

To complete the challenge, hashtag #MPMCchallenge to any or all of these five achievements:

  1. Challenge your fellow MPs and policymakers to participate in the #MPMCchallenge;
  2. Obtain your learner and restricted motorcycle licences;
  3. Participate in organised charity rides as a pillion or a rider;
  4. Complete at least one advanced motorcycle course;
  5. Obtain your full ‘unrestricted’ motorcycle licence.

We also encourage bipartisan government support at all levels (Local, State/Territory, Federal) to promote road safety for motorcyclists.

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Petition Closed

This petition had 191 supporters

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